MILO did what he always does, he dropped TRUTH BOMBS all over the place — even if they did offend some people. Something about Milo is, yes he may be insensitive BUT WHAT HE SAYS ALWAYS HAS FACTUAL SUPPORT TO LEGITIMIZE HIS CLAIMS. Like when Milo calls out 3rd wave feminists for being brainwashed idiots [he uses even harsher rhetoric] he sometimes mentions how it’s on record by multiple experts and countless studies that 3rd wave feminists are the most depressed women, especially in comparison to women who don’t look at natural masculinity as a bad thing and instead live like a natural human and embrace their femininity. So yes, some women may get TRIGGERED or offended by what he says but Milo always has facts to back it up.

And Milo kind of justifies any harsh insult he hurls at you [as long as it’s factually accurate] because Milo, the gay man that he is, calls himself a very offensive slur for a homosexual. Milo calls himself, blatantly and somewhat surprisingly PRIDEFULLY “The Dangerous FAGGOT” .. LMAO!

So what happened when two minds from opposite ends of the political spectrum combined? Well we see a lot of conservatives debate Bill Maher. But with Milo in there, a quite eccentric conservative, everyone had an interest into seeing where the discussion led to. Watch below.


Milo and Maher discussed quite a few different things. Milo defended his crude and offensive humor by saying that liberals [and other people, I presume] “want to police humor” because “they can’t control it” .. Milo also compared SJWs and liberals to “authoritarians” because they use identity politics and racial division, gender division, religion division to dictate how you can act around a certain person — therefore creating barriers between people — instead of bridges, because everyone’s too afraid to cut loose out of fear they will TRIGGER or OFFEND someone.

Maher added that when people laugh they know it’s true, even if it is an offensive joke. Maher said that Milo is “so helped by the fact that liberals always take the bait” .. which is true, it’s so easy to trigger SJWs. Feminists are the easiest to trigger, and the funniest. Feminists literally turn into screeching lizard-dragons and start flipping their lid if you make a semi-sexist remark around them. It’s really sad.

Milo also said that Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman “used to be funny” until they became feminists. Milo has utilized legitimate studies and expert studies to legitimize his belief that feminism is gross and unnatural. As we know, 3rd wave feminists are truly mentally-ill. Even old school feminists admit that the 3rd wave is totally neurotic and seeks special privileges instead of equal rights [because women have equal rights].  Milo’s claims that feminists are generally the most unhappy women is backed up by true studies executed by true experts and scholars. So even if Milo’s statements or jokes offend you, he usually has the factual support to legitimize his claims. USUALLY, at least. I gotta hand it to Milo, he always packs his ammo for a debate.

Milo eventually got around to attacking the political party he despises, THE DEMOCRATS. Milo said Maher is “literally the only good” Democrat he knows. Milo then basically said Lena Dunham is completely neurotic and needs mental treatment. “The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham. These people are mental. Hideous people. The more that America sees of Lena Dunham the fewer votes the Democratic party is ever going to get.” Now that may offend you when Milo said Democrats are “HIDEOUS PEOPLE” but facts back up the facts. Conservative women are more good looking, physically than liberals. I mean, let’s be honest people! LMAO. Milo told Maher not to pick on Lena Dunham. Milo then discussed what got him permanently banned from Twitter. Milo saw the feminist version of Ghostbusters [which was complete garbage & a total trainwreck of a film that absolutely took a dump on the original Ghostbusters]. 

Here’s a full quote from Milo on what got him banned from Twitter:


As you see Milo mentioned how he believes that Leslie Jones looks “like a dude” and how “she’s barely literate” .. Milo then said that he’s still shocked he was permanently banned from Twitter because he doesn’t believe his online insults about a Hollywood star Leslie Jones made her sit in her mansion and cry. Milo then said that “Mean words on the Internet don’t hurt anyone” .. LOL!

Maher then seemingly tried to somewhat justify the violence perpetuated against Milo. Maher said that Milo’s harsh rhetoric could potentially be at fault for violence, in some people’s eyes. Milo totally dismissed that as ridiculous .. because it is. Even Maher admitted a few weeks ago that LIBERALS have a problem with rioting just to shut down offensive speech.

Milo of course plugged his book, DANGEROUS, which is already making an astonishing number of sales — especially digitally!