House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [who is a total neocon that lets the Democrats ruin the country just because he doesn’t wanna be called racist] said that he’s “not a fan” of Trump’s “daily tweets.”

Earlier today at a presser, McConnell decided to disparage his own party’s leader. McConnell said “I’ve been pretty candid with him and all of you that I’m not a fan of the daily tweets.”

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So McConnell is not a fan of President Trump directly communicating with the American people. So McConnell would rather Trump shutdown his Twitter handle and let the liberal media carry Trump’s message to Americans. Yeah. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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McConnell is another ‘cuckservative’ that spends more time attacking Trump than he does spend attacking the Democrats’ destructive policies.

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Too many Republicans are still having a tough time swallowing the fact that Trump’s style is not gonna change. Many Republicans have awoken and noticed that Trump won in a mega-landslide and defied the odds because of Trump’s relentless, energetic, anti-PC approach. The reason why the Republican Party is in such a prime position [better than it’s been in nearly a century] is because of President Trump and his revolution. Yet ‘cuckservatives’ like Mitch McConnell will just never get it.

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McConnell even admitted that he didn’t understand the TRUMP MOVEMENT. Well, he didn’t exactly say that .. but he did say he did not believe Trump had a chance. McConnell didn’t get it then and he doesn’t get it now. No wonder the Republican Party has had a tough time attracting young people .. well, that is until Trump rose to the top!

And remember, McConnell was another Republican that cowardly backed away from Trump due to controversy [mostly because of corrupt liberal media bias]. McConnell literally waited to the last millisecond to endorse Trump. Well, pretty much.

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So McConnell, instead of FULLY THROW HIS SUPPORT BEHIND TRUMP during the campaign, decided to sit back and let Trump fight on his own because apparently a Hillary presidency & more O-care & the US being flooded by illegals + 3rd world Muslim monsters would be just fine. Because McConnell decided not to fully push for Trump [even though he won the most votes of all time] just because he was controversial. And now McConnell is still trying to ‘cuck’ Trump. SADLY, for McConnell, it WON’T Happen!


Jeb Bush is a true ‘cuckservative’ .. Surprisingly, not all establishment Republicans are cucks. Governor Huckabee is a staunch Trump supporter, and he hates Obama. Can’t Cuck The Huck!


McConnell said that he wished Trump would “stick to the script” during the campaign. It’s like he doesn’t get that Americans love Trump & voted for him because of his genuine approach to politics.

People like Trump because he speaks his mind, blasts through the ‘politically-correct’ lingo, says stuff that other politicians were terrified to say, and because he’s just a real American alpha male that speaks his mind.

People hate Hillary Clinton because she is so fake and robotic, that literally ALL SHE DOES .. is “stick to the script.”

Hillary even needs a reminder to ‘SIGH’ during her speech. How’s that for ‘sticking to the script’, Mitch?

At least VP Pence gets it. No wonder Trump picked him!