PRESIDENT TRUMP’s policy on the southern border is justified more and more each day.


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It’s truly a sad thing that the border wall is becoming more and more justified each day, because due to our weak “border” & sanctuary cities — more US citizens are getting killed. Obviously, we need to secure the border swiftly [President Trump is working on it now] but it’s just sad to see more and more tragedies occur due to people who SHOULD NOT be in the USA.


A young, beautiful, talented, smart teenager named Damaris Reyes Rivas [15 yrs. old] was KIDNAPPED & BRUTALLY MURDERED by 10 gang members in Maryland. 4 of the gang members are Illegal Immigrants.

According to this verified report, 4 adults & 6 adults, are connected to the sadistic abduction & murder of the 15 year old girl.

And as I said, 4 of them are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

The hospital confirmed that she died from ‘trauma to her upper body’ .. Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler said it was a “savage, brutal killing.” He also confirmed that the police department has VIDEO EVIDENCE. The slain 15 year old girl’s mother said the Salvadorian gang MS-13 [a gang full of illegal immigrants] are responsible for the killing. The mother has also been receiving VICIOUS THREATS from MS-13 gang members and she now fears for her own life.


This Is SICK! Thank God President Trump is going to stop sanctuary cities and secure the border. ILLEGALS OUT!

So, all the public’s been told is that the young girl was abducted and murdered .. but I think it’s pretty obvious that the gang kidnapped her to gang-rape her .. because that’s the only reason young girls are ever kidnapped, sadly.

Please keep the slain young girl’s mother, friends, and family in your prayers during this dreadful time.