The neocon & closeted globalist GOP plus the Democrats are totally executing a full scale attack on U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn. General Flynn exposed President Obama and was then fired after doing so.

Due to General Flynn’s insight, President Trump — as the true patriot he is — tapped him as an adviser throughout the campaign and he is currently the National Security adviser to POTUS.

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But due to General Flynn trying to ease relations with Russia and prevent a catastrophic global nuclear war from happening between the two primarily Eurocentric countries, the warmongering media corporations are siding with the political establishment to target General Flynn — and try to pry the patriot from the Trump Cabinet.

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Currently, we see mainstream media outlets attacking Flynn — along with Senator Schumer and Nancy Pelosi spearheading the operation.

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Please PRAY for the future of this nation and the Trump Cabinet, as they are true patriotic Americans — fighting to cut the taxes, rebuild our borders, reclaim sovereignty, protect the Constitution, and Restore the Republic.