We’ve seen gruesome incidents in which BORDER PATROL AGENTS sustain devastating injuries by ILLEGAL ALIENS.

U.S. Border Patrol map shows location of assault and proximity to border. (Image: U.S. Border Patrol)

Well once again, our brave border patrol agents are the victims of TERRIBLE INJURIES.

Border Patrol Agent eye injury - file photo

This horrendous injury, in the image above, was sustained in this SCARY INCIDENT.


A U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the Yuma Sector in southern California sustained minor injuries after being assaulted by people on the Mexican side of the boundary throwing large rocks.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when an agent on patrol along the Mexico-California line observed two individuals approach the International Boundary. Shortly after making the sighting, the agent’s vehicle was bombarded with large rocks, information obtained by Breitbart Texas from U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Tuesday.