Take this report with a grain of salt, but then again it is Megyn Kelly so if a fraction of the story is true .. that’s not a shock!

NY Post says that NBC has made major show changes to fit Megyn Kelly into the 8AM or 9AM hour.

According to an unnamed insider [NY Post said they got this from insider, take it with a grain of salt]: “Everyone has been left in the dark and no one knows why there’s such a disruption when shows are doing so well across the board.”

The NY Post then reported than another unnamed source said: “People are pissed. The third hour was beating every syndicated show across the board. They were in over their head and bit off more than they can chew when they hired Megyn.”

NY Post claims they tried to reach an NBC representative to comment on their report, but apparently no return call was made.

REMEMBER, FOLKS. The NY Post could have totally fabricated this story. The Washington Post makes up fake sources all of the time .. so the NY Post might being doing it also, in this report about Megyn Kelly.

WashPo is always posting FAKE NEWS REPORTS with ‘anonymous sources‘ .. in this NY Post article about Megyn Kelly, they cite anonymous sources as well. So this could just be a hit-piece on Megyn Kelly.

The NY Post has had some sketchy issues before, so I’m not sure if you can trust a lot of they they post. I leave it up to your judgment. Is the NY Post story about Megyn Kelly true? Did they just make up ‘sources’ and throw it on a paper and report it? Or is valid, as the NY Post claims? YOU TELL ME!

No one really gets along with Megyn Kelly, it seems. So the NY Post article WOULD BE believable if they actually had valid proof of their sources. But since they don’t, I truly just believe the NY Post threw out a hit-piece to generate clicks.

It’s truly amazing how Megyn Kelly USED Fox News to get mega-publicity by demonizing Trump, and then she just betrayed Fox News. Megyn Kelly went on a TOTAL CRUSADE against the alpha in the race, Donald Trump. Trump defended himself from Megyn’s distorted coverage & when he did that, Fox News employees and even ROGER AILES stood up for the snake, Megyn Kelly. And then what does MEGYN KELLY do after ROGER AILES stands up for her? She just demonizes him to hell and back, and totally RUINED HIS CAREER. Megyn Kelly is a traitorous, sociopathic snake. With MEGYN KELLY, it is always about her.
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Trump went on Megyn Kelly’s show to help her get A LOT of viewers, since he’s a MEGA-STAR.
Trump was very cordial with Megyn Kelly. Then MEGYN came out with all this SALACIOUS GARBAGE by saying that Trump was flirting with her, when in reality Trump was just being respectful to her — like he’s respectful to everyone until they give him a reason not to. And of course, MEGYN KELLY utilized the power of Trump’s named — and in the VERY FIRST QUESTION of the HIGHLY-WATCHED DEBATE .. Megyn decided to ask Trump a totally-biased question about Trump’s ‘treatment of women’ .. she mentioned how Trump said some things BUT she referenced them out of context.

Notice this below… After the WHOLE DEBOCALE BETWEEN HER & TRUMP @ THE FIRST DEBATE, MEGYN KELLY LET TRUMP LASH OUT ON HER THROUGH TWITTER, THINKING THAT PEOPLE WOULD FALL FOR HER TRICK. She’s a sociopath that used TRUMP’s big-ass, globally-known, extra-rich, A-list Celeb STATUS to her advantage BY RANDOMLY GOING OFF ON HIM AT THE FIRST DEBATE. And she thought TRUMP would bow to her or say sorry, even when everyone on the media was BERATING HIM For DEFENDING Himself AGAINST A Quasi-Truthful, Extremely ‘Out of context’ QUESTION? So TRUMP didn’t say sorry because he KNEW he did not start the ‘war’ .. TRUMP kept winning and then a major WOMAN came out and endorsed TRUMP.. Sarah PALIN. WHICH WAS A ‘YUGE’ ENDORSEMENT and THAT MADE MEGYN KELLY LIVID.

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And she went off as she tried to get TRUMP’s attention again, as she knew she totally failed and the ALPHA MALE Donald J. Trump was prevailing.

Megyn did not mention that Trump was very kind to Rosie O’Donnell UNTIL Rosie O’Donnell RANDOMLY Attacked him on THE VIEW. If MEGYN KELLY would have addressed the question with a more fair, even-portioned, fully-truthful context — then I am sure Trump would’ve never been mad. But MEGYN KELLY came out and said Trump called women all these terrible names, but DID NOT MENTION ANY OF THE REASONS WHY & SHE LEFT ALL OF IT OUT OF CONTEXT .. To make TRUMP look like a bully. When in reality, TRUMP got attacked so he just responded to them. So it’s all about how MEGYN dishonestly started the debate out .. after being respectful acquaintances, Megyn decided to be a pest for publicity and attacked the BIGGEST NAME IN THE DEBATE [Donald J. Trump] to get her name plastered EVERYWHERE. Like the true, soulless, sociopathic, witch of a woman she is. Megyn Kelly just went off on Trump, referencing things he said in an OUT OF CONTEXT MANNER to drive a false narrative about Trump being a bully. And just because Trump did a respectful interview with her, she then INSANELY came out and said DONALD TRUMP [the multibillionaire ex-PlayBoy] was desperately trying to get with her. HAHAHAH! And ROGER AILES defended MEGYN’s self-driven witch-hunt & ROGER AILES defended her sociopathic FALSEHOODS that she spewed about Trump. ROGER AILES totally defended her .. and then just like the true SOCIOPATH she is, she turned her back on ROGER AILES .. and since ROGER AILES is not as strong-hearted as DONALD TRUMP is — he could not withstand MEGYN’s salacious lies and folded. TRUMP withstood Megyn’s lies .. and then after the lies she told about TRUMP, he still was ENOUGH OF A MAN to actually do another interview with him. In that interview she kissed up to TRUMP, as you could tell she felt a little guilt for the self-driven, sociopathic, immoral, megalomaniacal WITCH-HUNT she abrasively ran against an UNEXPECTING Donald J. Trump. BUT TRUMP is a REAL MAN, and he’s had certain women try to bring him down before. Because SUCCESSFUL MEN [especially REALLY FAMOUS MEN like TRUMP] are ALWAYS GETTING CHARGED WITH A BUNCH OF BOGUS Because A Lot of the Women That Successful Men Get With, Are Women Who Want To LEECH OFF OF HIM & SOME Women Just Get MAD & FABRICATE A STORY As A LAST-SECOND RESORT To RETALIATE — Because they’ve been told their special and beta-males have worshipped them and NOW SHE’S MET AN ALPHA Who COULD CARE LESS About Her SOCIOPATHIC, TRAITOROUS, WHORISH WAYS. It’s true! Now, when you see what MEGYN did to TRUMP.
ALSO, Megyn Kelly obviously was into TRUMP & STILL MAY BE. I mean women do some frantic things, generally, after heartbreak. WHAT MEGYN DID, TO TRY AND SEE HERSELF AS SOMEONE STRONGER & LESS VULNERABLE SO SHE COULD NOT BECOME ATTACHED TO D.J.TRUMP AGAIN, WAS CUT HER HAIR. She changed her identity and tried to change her ideologue to move on.
BUT IT DID NOT WORK. If MEGYN really hated TRUMP & did NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM, then when HILLARY USED HER NAME TO ATTACK TRUMP, She WOULD HAVE TAGGED-ALONG WITH CLINTON IMMEDIATELY. If TRUMP’s primal opposition was implementing Megyn and her name against TRUMP, and if Megyn really HATED TRUMP, then MEGYN would have jumped in the tank with HILLARY and LAMBASTED HIM. But MEGYN KELLY revealed herself as a woman underneath the SHORT-HAIRCUT IDENTITY she created. SO HILLARY USED MEGYN KELLY’s NAME TO ATTACK TRUMP, expecting MEGYN TO BE OKAY WITH THIS. But MEGYN WAS NOT, BECAUSE EVEN IF HILLARY WAS USING HER NAME TO BASH TRUMP — DOESN’T MEAN SHE GAVE HER PERMISSION. So she lashed out on HILLARY, for no reason BESIDES THE SECRET REASON THAT SHE STILL HAS A THING FOR The ALPHA Male DONALD J. TRUMP. If she didn’t care about TRUMP or if she didn’t want some attention from him, she would have joined in with CLINTON’s insults or she would have ignored it and let CLINTON use her name. BUT MEGYN KELLY DID NOT WANT ANYONE ELSE USING HER AS A TOOL AGAINST TRUMP, EXCEPT HER. Because she knew she was wrong and she knew she betrayed TRUMP and she felt bad, and felt something more for DJT.
INSTEAD OF PLAYING ‘TOUGH GAL’ ANYMOE, she invited him to come on THE KELLY FILE, he came on and he was nice & she was nice.

THEN, SHE GOT ALL GIDDY. TOTALLY LOST ANY GAMEPLAN SHE HAD. Her true emotions were revealed as the charming DONALD TRUMP made her giggle like a kid and act all touchy with him after their VICIOUS FEUD. EVERYONE BERATED MEGYN KELLY for HER FRIENDLY INTERVIEW WITH TRUMP, But Megyn didn’t care because she acted natural and she revealed that she really wants ‘THE DONALD’ in that interview.

This is a summary of what she put in her book:

So in the book Megyn Kelly reveals how she pretty much got wet when she walked into TRUMP’s office. Okay, she did not say that but look at how she describes the meeting with him…

So after weeks of public disses, Kelly & Trump famously reached a detente and agreed to film an interview for FOX NEWS. In the book, she reveals for the first time how it all went down.

“I reached out to him through two different people and asked for a meeting,” she says. “It took place at TRUMP TOWER” and Megyn dressed carefully for the occasion, she says, in a black Gucci sheath dress with matching pumps. “When I walked into his office, TRUMP was sitting behind his desk, smiling,” she recalls. “He got up immediately and came around to greet me. I moved in for a handshake, but he held out his arms for a hug, and the next thing I knew, we were hugging hello.”

LMAO. Everyone was expecting her to be this big, ‘feminist hero’ and blah-blah and people expected her to GO IN THERE AND Intellectually Kick Trump’s ass and blah-blah and get her revenge and ‘GIRL POWER’ and yeah .. BASICALLY everyone, even neocons and cuck-servatives, were hoping to see MEGYN KELLY get ‘revenge’ [revenge for nothing because there’s no revenge to get, she started it all]. SO, you see how she describes it. EVERYONE is relying on MEGYN KELLY to not go easy on TRUMP. And yet while people are speculating about HOW BRUTAL SHE IS GONNA BE ON TRUMP, she’s as GIDDY and GIGGLY as could be, REACHED OUT TO HIM THROUGH TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND PRACTICALLY BEGGED FOR A MEETING. And then SHE “DRESSED CAREFULLY FOR THE OCCASION” ..She describes exactly what she wore, so you know she really tried to make herself look as sexy as possible. And she walks into the OFFICE and remembers him smiling so she obviously found it charming and then she says “I moved in for a handshake” but then TRUMP “held out his arms for a hug, and the next thing I knew, we were hugging hello.”

So MEGYN KELLY has a FAKE PERSONA OF BEING ‘POWERFUL’ IN THE ‘FACE OF MISOGINY’ & ‘TRUSTWORTHY’ IN THE FACE OF ‘WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE AND BIAS’ .. Lol. YET HERE SHE IS IN HER OWN BOOK, TALKING ABOUT HOW SHE INTRICATELY GOT READY AND WAS GIDDY AS COULD BE TO SEE BIG DONALD TRUMP AGAIN. And she then says “next thing I knew, we were hugging hello.” as if she liked it. SHE ADDED ON HELLO because she liked the aggressive nature. MEGYN KELLY is just a little school geek that ONLY APPEARS PSEUDO-AGGRESSIVE WHEN SHE IS SCREAMING INTO A CAMERA WITH NO PHYSICALITY AROUND HER — only SCREAMING AGGRESSIVELY WHEN HER OPPONENTS ARE DIGITAL. But when she goes to see TRUMP in person, she MELTS IN HIS ARMS.. at the top of his TOWER. You can read the full summarization of that little segment in her book here.

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SO AFTER SUCKERING EVERY FRUITCAKE, LOSER LIBERAL INTO THINKING SHE WAS GOING TO GO AFTER THE ‘EVIL, MEANIE Donald Trump’, she then attacked THOSE LIBS [who began to admire her]. Megyn Kelly is truly a sociopath, and truly — she loves TRUMP.

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EVEN SLATE, which was more eager to see Megyn Kelly do ‘damage’ to TRUMP more than anyone else, ADMITTED THAT MEGYN KELLY IS TOTALLY IN LOVE With TRUMP. Click to read their article, HERE! [WARNING: SLATE is a liberal rag, so get ready to read a pseudo-intellectual ATTACK against Trump in any of their articles]

I MEAN DID LIBERALS REALLY THINK MEGYN WAS GOING TO GO HARDCORE AGAINST TRUMP FACE-TO-FACE? She could have tried but then she would’ve been unraveled and turned on, FIGURATIVELY. And then probably literally.

MEGYN KELLY had to take a mini-vacation after TRUMP told her off for being  a liberal media tool with her abusively-biased, far-far-left-wing spin, and her ‘out-of-context’ question on TRUMP’s former statements. She could not handle what she asked for. Why did you think she was going to have a chance in the LION’s DEN against THE LION? [In TRUMP TOWER against The TRUMP]

MEGYN must have wanted more from TRUMP because she had a feeling he would run for POTUS [and could probably tell he was gonna win..people like Trump are winners and you can always tell they’ll somehow win] and TRUMP probably did not pursue her like she wanted. Because MAKE NO MISTAKE, Megyn has ditched a guy before BECAUSE SHE GOT BORED WITH HIM & SO SHE WAS OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO FIND A BILLIONAIRE, NEW YORK ALPHA MALE LIKE TRUMP TO BRING EXCITEMENT IN HER LIFE. But he did not pursue her, because he is MARRIED TO A Smoking HOT Supermodel, and due to the fact MEGYN let her weak-mind trick her into thinking all men will worship her at the altar, SHE GOT BROKEN LIKE A TWIG when she realized TRUMP did not worship her like most men do. And so MEGYN KELLY went on her crusade against TRUMP. She did this out of self-pride, indignation of failure, having her pretentious metaphysical guard broken by TRUMP [despite the fact he was very cordial to her] .. she did it OUT OF DESPERATION, OUT OF LUST For An ALPHA Like TRUMP To ACCEPT HER [privately and secretly, more than likely], and she did it because throughout her spoiled life, growing up being treated like she is HOLIER THAN THOU & A PROPHET, she began to BELIEVE IT [as many women do], and her PRETENTIOUS COGNITIVE APPROACH TO EVERYTHING was further more VALIDATED BY TEENAGE BOYS Who DROWNER HER IN ATTENTION. Then I AM SURE THAT THE SAME THING HAPPENED IN COLLEGE, AND SO ON… And then she GOT INTERESTED In DONALD TRUMP [who has mansions, boats, planes, towers, resorts, hotels, billions and billions] and he’s also EXTREMELY-FAMOUS. Megyn saw DONALD TRUMP as the ALPHA among the other people in the race. DONALD TRUMP is a major-celebrity, extremely-successful, extremely-respected by FRIENDS AND ENEMIES — BOTH, HAS MORE FORTUNE THAN YOU COULD EVEN IMAGINE, LITERALLY HAS PALACES AND CASTLES AND TWISTING TOWERS AND SKYSCRAPERS That TOUCH THE HEAVENS .. Of course TRUMP was more intriguing than the pseud0-successful politicians she interview, stalely over and over. AND TRUMP was nice to her, BUT HE DID NOT PURSUE HER. And MEGYN THREW A FIT. The End!

[ACTUALLY, ONE MORE THING. Megyn Kelly wrote a book — which is obviously biased, so most of it’s probably true but I guarantee you she twists some of the details about what happened in private — just to make her look more powerful. But anyways, MEGYN KELLY wrote a book which NATURALLY HAS HER OWN SELF-BIAS, Since she wrote it or co-authored it. AND MEGYN CLAIMS That TRUMP Invited HER AND HER HUSBAND To MAR-A-LAGO & All OF THIS STUFF. Now WE WILL NEVER KNOW IF IT IS TRUE. I figure that it’s probably true even though I’m sure she made it seem as WEAK as she could, when in all reality one of Trump’s personal aides probably told them they could stay a night or 2 for free at Mar-a-Lago. SO, I believe most of what she wrote but you can tell she twists some of the details to make her seem like Superwoman [which she IS NOT, AT ALL]. BUT ANYWAYS, DESPITE THE FACT SHE WAS VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY TRUMP [DESERVINGLY AFTER SHE TRIED TO RUIN HIS CAMPAIGN], DESPITE THE VITRIOLIC RIVALRY THE TWO HAD, DESPITE THE FACT EVERYONE TOLD HER SHE NEEDED TO “HATE” DONALD TRUMP, DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE HAS A HUSBAND .. In her book she admits she is still an ADMIRER OF TRUMP.

MEGYN ALSO SAID THIS IN HER BOOK: “Trump knew what made good TV.. 

I remember the first time The Kelly File took a Trump campaign event and put it on the air. It was July 2015. Trump went down to the Mexican border and held a presser. It was riveting. It was one of the most compelling political events we had seen in years. And no news came out of it. It was just Trump being Trump: unscripted, unguarded and fun to watch.”

She literally says it in her book. YES, she acts like she should hate him and blah-blah. BUT SHE Knows   SHE STARTED IT. But it’s just hilarious, she has got a husband and YET SHE IS PUBLISHING A MASS-MARKETED, NATIONALLY-SOLD [perhaps internationally, not sure] BOOK OF HERS… And SHE’S GOT A HUSBAND, YET ADMITS SHE HAS A CRUSH ON THE 70YEAR OLD ALPHA PLAYBOY FROM MANHATTAN. That shows you how DISLOYAL Megyn is, and SHOWS YOU SHE STILL LUSTS FOR ‘THE DONALD’ .. And HONESTLY, I guarantee you .. TRUMP has probably hit it.

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Ever since Megyn left Fox News, after causing MAJOR DRAMA, Tucker Carlson has replaced her timeslot .. and he’s blowing her ratings out of the water!


So WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON The NY POST Article THAT CLAIMS MEGYN KELLY IS BEING TREATED BADLY AT NBC So Far? Personally, I can’t trust it due to the citing of anonymous ‘insiders.’ Not any solid evidence. I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly nor do I like corporate, propagandized NBC — but I’m being fair.

I really don’t trust the report due to the fact there is no proof they truly talked to ‘NBC insiders’ about this. So I personally doubt the NY Post article is true .. but then again it is MEGYN KELLY! No one likes her. LOL!

Read the full UNVERIFIED REPORT here & tell me if you believe it or not. I am not sure if it’s all the way true, to be truthful.