This is a question I’ve asked myself before. And I am sure President Trump has asked himself this before as well. Heck, we know one of his BIG-TIME MOTTOS is ‘You Might As Well THINK BIG!’

Ned Ryun, speaking on Breitbart News earlier today, said that President Trump probably has the mentality of,

‘Whether I go big or small, the media’s going to hate me anyways. The LEFT-WING is going to hate my guts TO PIECES, no matter if I make BIG CONSERVATIVE CHANGES or LITTLE CHANGES. Either way, I’ll be scoffed and mocked and lied about by the LIBERAL MEDIA. So if either way, I am screwed ..WHY NOT Just Go BIG?’ 


So I definitely get what Ned Ryun is saying. Ned Ryun is the founder of American Majority, a nonprofit organization that provides training to conservative activists and political candidates.

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What Ned Ryun stated is just so SMART & SO TRUE! The liberal media would have demonized Cruz for being RACIST if he wanted to seal the border, or would have demonized Rubio for being a homophobe, or would have demonized Graham as ‘another old white guy’ or blah blah blah.. No matter which REPUBLICAN got the GOP Nomination back in July 2016, the Democrat Party tactic remains the same.

NO MATTER WHAT THE REPUBLICANS SAY .. WHETHER THEY SOFTEN A STANCE & CUCK OUT LIKE THAT .. OR WHETHER THEY EMBOLDEN A STANCE & HARDEN DOWN [which obviously draws the most FURY, as we see DONALD TRUMP draws out the LIBERALS’ FURY seamlessly] .. No matter what you do, liberals will LABEL YOU A


You get the gist.

This is regular. Natural. Organic. Completely REAL.

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Three very great looking women above. Respectful of themselves, inside & out. And very logical messages on their paper. Obviously intelligent. Those PICS ABOVE, are REAL WOMEN PERSONIFIED.

And these pics below, are MENTAL ILLNESS PERSONIFIED.


The FUNNIEST pic that I’ve ever seen of a FEMINIST GETTING OWNED, is this pic BELOW.


You got a SMOKESHOW On The Left THAT LOVES HER BODY Because SHE TAKES CARE OF IT & She’s HAPPY WITH WHAT SHE DOES. The one ‘woman’ on the right, looks like ‘she [?]’ HAS NOT LEFT HER [his?] mother’s basement for a few years.

And this picture [BELOW] is pretty damn thought-provoking! What do the FemiNazis do after they reach ‘FULL FEMINISM’ ? Do they evolve!?

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Okay, back on topic. Sometimes I just start rambling about SJWs!

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On Friday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, just earlier today, American Majority Founder & CEO Ned Ryun said that he believes President Trump “has decided — and decided a long time ago” that “whether he goes small or big, the media’s going to hate him. The Left’s going to hate him. So WHY NOT Just Go BIG?”

It’s sad that Dems are so divisive. Their policies are putrid so they resort to petty IDENTITY POLITICS that DOES NOTHING for anyone EXCEPT DIVIDE EVEN MORE. And the problem is, too many Republicans let the Dems bully them with the IDENTITY POLITICS instead of debate them on legitimate legislature proposals & ideals. The problem is too many Republicans ‘Get CUCKED’ hard & don’t set them straight on the RACE CARD. President Trump told the truth, and people of all races saw through the hysteria & confusion manifested by the corporate, LIBERALLY-BIASED, ABUSIVELY-BIASED, COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE, LEFT-WING, LIBERAL MEDIA.And many Republicans, to this day, are apologetic about President Trump. It’s like why the hell are they doing that? Don’t apologize and make yourself a mentally-ill, metaphysically-imprisoned, borderline-depressed, neoconservative ZOMBIE. The Left are filled with ZOMBIES & they want you to have that same ‘group-think’ mentality 24/7 so you’re really like a robotic cultist instead of a natural, masculine man OR an organic, feminine woman.

“We’re going to put an executive order out there about the wall. We’re going to deal with immigration. We’re going to deal with the pipelines. We’re going to deal with all these things because you know what? Compromise will only embolden his enemies and discourage his friends.”

-Ned Ryun

That is such a true statement as well, which really does summarize President Trump’s setting right now. If he lets off of the gas a little, he’s doing what the corrupted globalists want. But if he keeps PUSHING AHEAD With That ‘PEDAL-TO-THE-METAL, Fast-And-Furious, NONSTOP’ attitude .. and if POTUS Trump just keeps gritting his teeth, like he is so used to doing in the face of a DISHONEST, CORRUPT, ANTI-FREEDOM, ANTI-NATIONALIST, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALIST media — then he will eventually PREVAIL in The White House like he did in the historic, monumental, record-breaking, history-making campaign. 

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Ned Ryun also said that President Trump is “not perfect. We know, we understand, that he might not necessarily come from a conservative tradition, but we think, and we believe, we’re pretty sure that if Trump gets in office, A) he’s going to be light years, LIGHT YEARS, better than Hillary Clinton. But B] we’re pretty sure — and I knew this, Raheem, because of people he was surrounding himself with” .. “All of these people he was putting around himself, I’m like, ‘This could possibly be one of the most conservative administrations we’ve seen in MAYBE GENERATIONS.'”

I agree with Ryun. President Trump is not perfect, and NONE OF US ARE. And President Trump is definitely more bombastic, outgoing, brash, eccentric, and OPENLY PATRIOTIC than any other PRESIDENT in history. But he is GENUINE, he says WHAT HE MEANS & MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. He WORKS LIKE HELL, Against ADVERSITY & Tremendous AMOUNTS OF HATE — Yet HE GETS JOB DONE! For the AMERICAN PEOPLE aka the DEPLORABLES.

So yes, President Trump is NOT regal — and he is a little wild. WHICH ISN’T BAD, WE NEED A WILDMAN TO RALLY THE PACK SOMETIMES & LET US KNOW WE ARE HUMANS. But PRESIDENT TRUMP is working, working, working. Nose-to-the-grind, papers on stacks of papers on stacks, stacks of papers on stacks of papers on stacks of papers, phone call after phone call, plane flight, joyride in the ‘copter, meeting here or meeting there, speech here or speech there .. you get the picture. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a working machine and he IS TRULY FLYING WITH BOLD, DISTINCT, BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT, RED-WHITE-&-BLUE SPARKING RIGHT PAST HIM. President Trump just oozes EXCITEMENT, ENTHUSIASM, INTENSITY, and OPTIMISM — but a REALISTIC OPTIMISM, so problems GET FIXED Quick!

President Trump is a BOLD PATRIOT. Just look at how USMC General Mattis looks at him. Trump was never in the US Armed Forces & never went to the hellholes that Mattis fought in, but Mattis can tell a patriot when he sees one. And you can just tell, that Mattis — despite not being a celebrity-guy NOR a big-time city guy like PRESIDENT TRUMP, Mattis gets along — like kindred spirits, BUT I guess not that much.. but GENERAL MATTIS & PRRSIDENT TRUMP truly are great matches. MATTIS’ amazing experience, wisdom, tact, coolheaded nature, extremely-developed skills, combative maneuvers, awareness, humbleness, respectfulness, and true devotion to OLE’ GLORY & what she stands for. Along with PRESIDENT TRUMP’s extreme sense of frugality, his hardnosed, tough-minded, core-based approach to restoring the Republic and reinvigorating and rebuilding the USA when we need it more than EVER .. Trump’s true love of country, Trump’s straight-up, in-your-face, pull-no-punches approach to DISCUSSION Of ANY MATTER. Just all of that. MATTIS & TRUMP are a great blend and they are truly POWERFUL, BOLD, DISTINCTIVE, INSTINCTIVE, BONIFIED, HARDNOSED, PATRIOTIC, DEEPLY-DEVOTED, PURPOSE-DRIVEN, BLOOD-PUMPIN’, ADRENALINE-JUMPIN’ AMERICANS WHO WANT TO MAKE THE U.S.A. BACK TO WHAT IT WAS AND WHERE IT ALWAYS WAS MEANT TO BE, AND NEEDS TO BE. FOREVER!

Ryuf also said he feels “VALIDATED” after PRESIDENT TRUMP’s first week. POTUS had a rough week with the media, as always. President Trump could rescue a kitten from a burning tree and then go find the cure for ebola and the media would say “OH THAT TRUMP, HE IS SUCH AN OVER-ACHIEVER. WHAT A TERRIBLE MAN. TERRIBLE!