“I speak to you not just as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but as a fellow Conservative who believes in the same principles that underpin the agenda of your Party.”

-Theresa May to Donald Trump

While the liberal media tries to delegitimize President Donald J. Trump, our great POTUS continues to work hard.

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When asked about President Trump’s immigration policies, PM May responded, “is not a matter for the British PM. It is a matter for US and US authorities”

Tomorrow our President, Donald Trump, is going to meet with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Many people believe President Trump & PM Hatcher are the ‘new version’ of Reagan-Hatcher

As we know, President Trump has led a populist movement in support of American nationalism. BREXIT occurred just months before Trump’s election. When Trump arrived to the UK last year for a speech, it just happened to be at the same time the UK broke away from the globalist EU.

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The UKIP leader, who spearheaded BREXIT, Niger Farage is a big-time supporter & friend of President Trump.


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As we know, Obama warned that American-Britain relations would be over if they left the EU. Because Obama wants to be allied with Islamist countries instead of be allies with historically-Christian allies such as the UK. Under President Trump, the US-UK relations will remain and get stronger than ever!


UK Prime Minister May said that the US-UK relation has “defined the modern world” and said President Trump’s “newly emboldened confident America is good for the world. Ana America that is strong, that is prosperous at home, can lead abroad.”

Sadly, it appears as if UK PM May is another corrupted politician who wants war with Russia, believes we should kill jobs for the climate change hoax, and thinks Brexit is ‘racist.’ But at least she has a few things right.

Hopefully soon Marine Le Pen will win in France. Trump-Le Pen would be an amazing relationship.

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Check out the full Theresa May speech, below.