The chain-of-command has a new man at the top.

Obama is no longer the Commander-in-Chief, that man is now President Donald Trump.

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Obviously Trump officially became the Commander-in-Chief on Jan. 20th, but as his portrait has been sent to military bases across the world, many of our troops are now getting his picture placed at the top-spot in the Chain-of-Command.

Check it out.



Some military bases, that have not yet received the Presidential portrait, decided to go ahead and put President Trump in there with another image of him.

In GITMO, a place that President Trump is going to fill up with evil people, President Trump’s portrait is up!

Due to President Obama’s policies weakening our US military, you would think the troops tore up his portrait after replacing it with their new Commander-in-Chief. But according to the policies of the General Services Administration, all portraits of former Presidents must be “respectfully disposed of” .. But I have a feeling a few troops in some places probably lit Obama’s portrait on fire or shredded it into pieces — even if it broke policy. If they did, I don’t blame them!