Secretary of Defense GENERAL JAMES MATTIS was officially swore in by VP Pence last Friday evening.

But today, President Trump honors General James Mattis, his Secretary of Defense, with an OFFICIAL CEREMONY. As Mattis truly deserves. NO DOUBT!

.@POTUS arrives at Pentagon for ceremonial swearing-in of Defense Secretary Mattis.

But since GENERAL MATTIS is SUCH AN IMPORTANT MAN [needed for this crucial time], this ceremonious aspect of it was much needed.

General Mattis is just the man we need right now. The world is TOTAL PERIL. We are in RED ALERT DANGER, globally. And a man, a leader, a warrior, a PATRIOT like General Mattis .. who will do things HOW THEY’RE   SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!

I agree with the POTUS. General Mattis is a fearless patriot with  true, unwavering love for the US.

President Trump then signed two executive orders .. one for EXTREME VETTING .. and the other for STRENGTHENING OUR MILITARY TO AN EVEN GREATER EXTENT.


“I’m establishing new vetting measures to keep RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS out of the United States of America. We don’t want them here.”

-President Donald J. Trump

Watch the full ceremony below, by skipping to 1:08:54 of the video.

Now GENERAL MATTIS can get back to destroying our enemies!

That’s a parody account, by the way. Unsurprisingly, GENERAL MATTIS does not tweet!

This video was last Friday, when the POTUS & Sec. of Defense Mattis watched the Inaugural Parade together.

ALSO TODAY, President Trump & Sec. of Defense Mattis talked about how they can ‘hit ISIS harder’ & what aspects of the US Armed Forces would be the best places to STRENGTHEN MORE.