Yesterday at the GOP Retreat, British PM Theresa May & US President Donald Trump gave their speeches. Today they will have a meeting at the glorious White House in D.C. Once their meeting concludes, they will address the media. British PM Theresa May tried to monger fear about President Trump speaking with Russia President Putin yesterday, so I am sure the media will ask May & Trump about that! Also due to President Trump’s amazingly successful week — in which he implemented so many policies — I am sure the media will ask President Trump if he’ll ever slow down. And I hope President Trump says ‘HELL NO!’

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British PM Theresa May showed her respect to the dead soldiers at Arlington Cemetery, before she met with President Trump.

And then after Theresa May and POTUS’ meeting concludes, the POTUS will visit the Pentagon and intensely discuss a plan to completely crush the Islamic State, ASAP!

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From what we know, VP Pence will be going with the POTUS and they’ll also talk to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Also, POTUS Trump will do a ceremonial swear-in for Secretary of Defense General James Mattis. President Trump wants to increase the mightiness of our military, despite it’s already gigantic size and capability. But in the crazy world today, I don’t blame President Trump for wanting to make our military as big as possible!

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Also, President Trump says he ‘absolutely’ believes TORTURE works. And I agree with him. But General Mattis is opposed to waterboarding, so we’ll see how that discussion goes. We know General Mattis is the WAR EXPERT!