President Trump’s fans have been under attack for a while, but recently we’ve seen liberal bigwigs attack 10-year-old Barron Trump [son of Donald]. We saw Rosie O’Donnell egregiously say he was ‘autistic.’

And disgustingly, NBC employee & ‘Saturday Night Live’ writer Katie Rich cyberbullied 10-year-old Barron.

'A disgrace': President Trump took aim at Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich who tweeted that his 10-year-old son Barron would become the country's 'first homeschool shooter' 

That’s what she said in a now deleted tweet. Of course she desperately apologized after she got MASSIVELY CRITICIZED but we know her apology was not genuine.

NBC suspended Katie Rich for the heinous insult & heartless remark. She made the horrific joke on Inauguration Day. For one thing, Barron Trump is not homeschooled, he attends a private school where he receives a great education, which he deserves. SHOCKINGLY, a Clinton actually showed some decency for once. Chelsea Clinton called out Katie Rich for the HORRID REMARK. Chelsea grew up in The White House like Barron will, so she knows what it’ll be like for him.

President Trump responded to Katie Rich’s disgusting remark. COUNTERPUNCHER!

Here’s the report:

By now, we’re all familiar with the situation surrounding Katie Rich, the SNL writer who was suspended from the show after cracking a joke about Donald Trump’s ten-year-old son on Twitter. Basically everyone’s chimed in on the subject in one way or another. Now, however, we’ve finally heard from Trump himself about what he thinks of the tweet in question.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump referred to the tweet as “a disgrace,” but not before taking the opportunity to take shots at , NBC and Alec Baldwin.

“Your 10-year-old…What a wonderful, smart, charming kid. And then, they attack him; that’s got to hurt you and Melania,” Hannity posed to Trump.

“Well, Saturday Night Live — a person from Saturday Night Live was terrible,” said Trump. “It’s a failing show, it’s not funny. Alec Baldwin’s a disaster. He’s terrible on the show and, by the way, I don’t mind some humor but it’s terrible. But for them to attack, for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son –“

“Horrible,” added Hannity.

‘It’s a disgrace,” Trump finished.

While Rich has since apologized for and deleted the tweet, there hasn’t yet been a response from Saturday Night Live. They, along with Rich, are likely hoping that the issue will be forgotten about in short order, a wish they may just get seeing as how the mob has now moved on  to other victims

Go to the 28:50 mark in the video, to hear Mr. President’s reaction.

Monica Lewinsky stood up for Barron Trump, as well.

At the ‘Women’s March’ a few days ago, Madonna called on her fans to kill President Trump. Watch below.

Read more about Madonna’s threat, here.

In the Hannity interview, earlier tonight .. President Trump was asked about Madonna’s sadistic threat to blow up him & his family. The POTUS said this…

Thankfully, the Secret Service is investigating Madonna. LOCK HER UP!