Image result for Donald TRUMP GOLDEPresident Donald J. Trump was endorsed by SO MANY GREAT ATHLETES & COACHES throughout his campaign.

Longtime friend, Tom Brady always supported Trump!

Herschel Walker, Gene Keady, Dennis Rodman support Trump!

BADASS Fighters Holly Holm, Miesha Tate, and The Huntington Beach BAD BOY Tito Ortiz endorsed TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!



Chris Weidman, amazing & decorated fighter, supports TRUMP!

Looks like TRUMP always liked him. Tough Respects Tough!

Terrell Owens, Adrien ‘The ProblemBroner, Don King all let it be know they love the 45th!

LEGENDARY Football Coach Lou Holtz, LEGENDARY Pro Wrestler Jerry Lawler, and HIGHLY-SUCCESSFUL Chael Sonnen endorsed DONALD J. TRUMP!

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LEGENDARY Football Coach Bill Bellichick LOVES DONALD J. TRUMP! Leadership RECOGNIZES Leadership!

DEVOUT CHRISTIAN SPORTS-STAR Tim Tebow, MASSIVE, EXPLOSIVE Pro Racecar Driver Richard ‘The King’ Petty, and HISTORIC BASKETBALL COACH Bobby Knight aka ‘The General’ SUPPORTED TRUMP ‘Big-LEAGUE’ ! ! !

WWE Owner Vince McMahon, UFC President Dana White, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft all love Trump also.

Those are all AWESOME Endorsements! But OBVIOUSLY The Presidential Campaign Is OVER. But a big name JUST SPOKE for the Republican Party  YESTERDAY .. Peyton Manning!


On the field, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were once-in-a-lifetime rivals who defined an NFL era. But when it comes to politics, it appears the two are playing for the same team.

Brady’s relationship with President Donald Trump has been well documented over the past year and has led to some memorable moments. As recently as Tuesday, Trump’s team was talking about the Brady-Trump relationship, as well as the president’s relationship with the rest of the New England Patriots.

But some interesting political news also broke Tuesday about Brady’s greatest rival. Manning will be one of the speakers at a Senate-House Republican retreat, which also will feature Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, this week, sources told Politico.

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AWESOME! Apparently Peyton Manning spoke at the GOP Retreat yesterday and did wonderful! CHAMPIONS Support CHAMPIONS! As you see, back in 2015, Peyton Manning was ALREADY SUPPORTING Donald J. Trump For POTUS. Here’s an Instagram pic of him hanging out with one of President Trump’s sons.

Read the rest about Peyton Manning’s AMAZING pro-Trump/Pence speech, here.