The 45th POTUS Donald John Trump has only been serving as the President for roughly 5 days. Johny McCain tweeted some messages at PRESIDENT TRUMP, but then deleted his Twitter account IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARS, Weirdly! Is This GUY OKAY Or Is HE ‘CHRLIE SHEEN’ Times 3? Dr. BEN CARSON Can HANDLE YOU, ‘LoonyToon’.. Dr. Ben Carson can handle it! TRUTH. So what we were saying is that PRESIDENT TRUMP is working his ass off and delivering so quick and so HUGE [Yuge] and DESPITE The MEDIA Deceiving the Public With Coinciding INAUGURATION Picture, Whether It’s The RUSH & ADRENALINE & PURE TESTOSTERONE This NATURAL MAN/Real MAN’s MAN Got Or WHAT — Doesn’t matter because we are gonna swarm the VOTIN Machines, DRAIN The SWAMP & Elect Our BRAVE, PATRIOTIC LEADER Donald J. Trump As The 45th U.S. PRESIDENT. Which we need NOW. NOW. NOW!out of insomnia but out of overexertion and working yourself.

CNN just called out PRESIDENT TRUMP for something about CHINA. The article lied and said TRUMP is not standing up to them — when TRUMP is offending CHINA Big League. TRUMP is not trying to offend anyone, but when TRUMP is relaxing — he’s gotta take the shoes off.

While TRUMP Makes America GREAT Again [Step-By-Step, But VERY FIERECELY,Ferociously,&FAST] .. CNN continues to tell lie after lie about the 45th PRESIDENT of the USA.

ANOTHER BIG, BUSY, BEAUTIFUL, HARD-WORKING DAY IT WAS FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP YESTERDAY. POTUS Trump really had it made in all of his luxurious properties, hotels, resorts, golf courses, etc across the world. PRESIDENT TRUMP could be enjoying the fruits of his labor by enjoying what he has built. And DO NOT WORRY, People. MEXICO Is GOING To PAY FOR THE WALL, And THE WALL WILL BE BUILT. The WALL IS GOING TALLER, TALLER, TALLER, HIGHER. That big ole’ fat juicy TRUMP WALL on the southern border. I’LL PUT MY LAST NAME :’T-R-U-M-P’ Up On THE SIDES Of The EMBASSY. Hahahaha..

First meeting in the MORNING, First MISSION To TACKLE Viciously & ACHIEVE, Babygirl ❤ !

PRESIDENT TRUMP sat down like he was in the boardroom, but this time he is in the Illustrious OVAL OFFICE, But WHEN PRIVE TRUMP Is, They Don’t Want To Be Mean UNTO OTHERS, WHICH Is NOT A RACE THING,IT’S NOT WHEHER YOU ARE NICE OR NOT. If youa are against us, then you are “a**hats” ..

And in the spirit of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for the AMERICAN PEOPLE .. PRESIDENT TRUMP said ‘No GAMES’ When IT COMES TO GETTING The Beautiful, Underground, Efficient, Technologically-Superb,Great Piece Of PIPELINE Needed! I HOPE TRUMP GETS IT STARTED Quickly! POTUS Trump has also stated that he is going to try his best to make sure the steel used to make and embed and FULLY BE The KEYSTONE Pipeline is real, genuine, GOD’s honest truth. FOREVER. Thank you, sir!