Everyone knew that when PRESIDENT TRUMP chose Gov. Nikki Haley to be his UN ambassador, that it was a great choice. Some negative Democrats said that she didn’t have enough foreign experience, but who cares — she is articulate and intelligent. And conservative!

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This is a very important role that Nikki Haley is doing for President Trump. President Trump is NOT happy with how terribly UN has treated Israel. And President Trump is also not fond of how much it cost the USA, per year.

Earlier today, the Senate submitted a 96-4 vote to CONFIRMED Governor Nikki Haley in a whopping landslide! This makes Governor Nikki Haley the 4th person in President Trump’s cabinet to be confirmed.

Democrats are melodramatically and ridiculously holding up the decision on whether to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions or not. Senator Sessions is the opposite of racist and he has been that way his whole life.I t’s really sad that the liberal media wants to help drive the completely false narrative, saying Senator Jeff Sessions is racist — and then they make fun of his Asian granddaughter. Liberal media is sick!

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Obviously, the cowardly liberal deleted the tweet after she got SLAMMED for the DISGUSTINGLY RACIST Tweet!

[Read more about this here. or here.]

Okay, so getting back on topic. Not only is Senator Jeff Sessions being disrespectfully opposed by Democrats — but other President Trump cabinet picks are also being blocked for now. SICK! The Democrats are still stopping Scott Pruitt from being appointed to the EPA. Also Congressman Tom Pruitt, President Trump’s choice for Health Secretary, is still fighting it out to be CONFIRMED. With The Democrats doing what they can to save the disaster called Obamacare, they are really just praying that they can keep ANTI-OBAMACARE Congressman Pruitt from getting CONFIRMED. That’s why they are holding him back.

Earlier today, someone asked Congressman Pruitt what would he do for the millions of people who lose healthcare due to the [potential] repealing of Obamacare. And Congressman Pruitt had an EPIC RESPONSE. Congressman Pruitt mentioned all of the millions of Americans who LOST THEIR HEALTHCARE, due to Obamacare being embedded — even though they didn’t want anything to do with it. BIG Government SUCKS!

So despite the fact that left-wing idiot [who LUCKILY didn’t become our VP] tried to sound smarter than Gov. Haley when they discussed the Iran Nuclear Deal — but despite his rambling motor-mouth,  Senator Tim Kaine didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Senator Kaine was trying to defend the fragile and indefensible IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL. And Gov. Haley knew he sounded stupid so she just let him slide. But anyways, GOVERNOR HALEY did an amazing job and she deserves the CONFIRMATION!

Also, along with GOVERNOR NIKKI HALEY .. Dr. Ben Carson was CONFIRMED to be PRESIDENT TRUMP’s HUD SECRETARY. Dr. Ben Carson grew up in government housing when he was a kid, so he will know how to relate to the inner-city children that he works with and meets as the HUD SECRETARY.



And PRESIDENT TRUMP is a tremendously-successful real estate developer, so if Dr. Ben Carson ever needs assistance as the Housing & Urban Development Secretary, I have a great feeling POTUS Trump knows how to handle it.

That post above is back from when PRESIDENT TRUMP [at that point he was the President-elect still] just nominated Dr. Ben Carson. If you read the post, you’ll understand why PRESIDENT TRUMP chose him!

So Nikki Haley obviously did amazing as she won her vote 96-4. With the CONFIRMATIONS TODAY, Governor Haley & Dr. Ben Carson join:

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General James Mattisbeyond respected and extremely known, very experienced, very astute, very brave. Loved by his US Marines.

GENERAL JOHN KELLY — tough, respected, brave, lawful, well-known.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo — military veteran [just like the two men above..Pompeo was a Captain in the US Army], highly respected, extremely educated, classy, hard-worker, experienced

US Navt On 25th like always. So claure-miximg. Brb. BIT!