United States President Donald J. Trump had a little ‘bromance’ with Russia President Putin throughout the Presidential campaign. President Trump has discussed how he is open-minded to restoring American-Russian relations, by meeting with Putin and seeing how things go, in a pragmatic manner.

As we all know, President Trump’s Defense Secretary GENERAL JAMES MATTIS has let the new Commander-in-Chief know how he feels on this situation. Other people in the GOP [among other gov’t officials as well] have let President Trump know that they are opposed to having anything to do with Russia President Putin.

Something else we know is that President Donald J. Trump’s beautiful daughter Ivanka Trump went on vacation with Wendi Deng Murdoch [who is APPARENTLY dating Vladimir Putin]

To read the article about Ivanka Trump’s friend Wendi Deng Murdoch dating Putin, click HERE!

Ooh, interesting! What a twist! But despite Wendi being seen with Putin quite a few times before, it is still unknown whether or not they are dating. They could be dating but just doing it secretly. Who knows?! She CLAIMS that her and Putin NEVER DATED, but I don’t believe it. Pictures show a different story!

Okay, BACK ON TOPIC ..Russia President Putin and US President Donald J. Trump seem to want to meet Eventually SOON & Discuss POTENTIALLY Restoring Russia-USA relations .. but UKRAINE PRESIDENT Petro Poroshenko really wants PRESIDENT TRUMP’s help as he is apparently dealing with the terrible Russian invasions into his country.

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This is OBVIOUSLY A STICKY SITUATION for PRESIDENT TRUMP. Putin denies invading Ukraine but the proof is right here, it sadly seems.

Of course, it’s unknown if Ukraine provoked this and forced Russia to attack .. You just never know .. because to me, personally, I DO NOT Believe that Putin would attack for no reason. Putin is not a bad, immoral man. He’s a good, humble leader. So UKRAINE probably did something!

EITHER WAY, UKRAINE PRESIDENT POROSHENKO seems like a really nice, humble man as well. Just a day after PRESIDENT TRUMP spoke with PUTIN over the phone .. PRESIDENT TRUMP had a chat with UKRAINE PRESIDENT POROCHENKO. Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, and the 45th U.S. President of the U.S.A. Donald J. Trump have agreed to have a meeting very soon!

If PRESIDENT TRUMP does decide to support UKRAINE on this certain matter, then I am sure PRESIDENT TRUMP will be way better than Obama ever was.

Back on NOVEMBER 15th, UKRAINE’s PRESIDENT Petro Poroshenko really tried to get POTUS Trump to understand the severity of the situation. He told him that HE NEEDS HIS HELP to counter “Russian agression” against Kiev, the Ukrainian government.

UKRAINE’s President “stressed the importance of CONTINUING STRONG SUPPORT for UKRAINE from WASHINGTON to COUNTER” the Russian invasions being directed by President Putin. UKRAINE PRESIDENT POROSHENKO and US PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP came to an agreement on meeting soon and holding bilateral meetings to discuss this.

RUSSIA PRESIDENT PUTIN and US PRESIDENT TRUMP still will meet to see what they can do to work something out, as US and Russia relationships are really terrible.

PUTIN wrote TRUMP a CHRISTMAS LETTER and apparently really wants to make this work between the USA and RUSSIA.

Due to UNPROVEN ‘Russian hacking’ allegations [which I think are bullsh*t] .. and OBAMA, along with other politicians, ganging up on Putin over Russia and Ukraine’s conflict — the USA and RUSSIA have really broken apart MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. Maybe PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump can fix it. We shall see.

Here’s an informative report:

Ukraine’s President said he hoped United States President-elect Donald Trump would maintain his support for Kiev regarding the conflict with Russia.

Speaking alongside US Vice President Joe Biden, Petro Poroshenko said on Monday that Ukraine backed the democratic election of the US and was ready to cooperate with the new administration, Efe news reports.

“I hope the Ukrainian question continues to be a priority,” Poroshenko said.

Russia had invaded Ukrainian territory, occupying part of Donbass in the east and Crimea, he said.

Incoming US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that Russia “has invaded Ukraine, including the taking of Crimea”.

Before taking on the top diplomatic post, the former ExxonMobil chief had criticized Washington sanctions against Moscow.

Last week, Trump said he was willing to negotiate with Russia on lifting economic sanctions in exchange for the Kremlin agreeing to reduce its nuclear weapons stockpiles.

Meanwhile, Biden reiterated the US backing of political and economic reforms undertaken by the Ukrainian government in recent years.

The common good had to be placed above local interests, Biden said, adding that this applied to members of the government, the Supreme Council of Ukraine, judges, media and citizens.

Ukraine has been locked in a bloody conflict with a pro-Russian separatist insurgency in the east since February 2014.

Just yesterday, UKRAINE PRESIDENT POROSHENKO said that he would reject US PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP’s proposal to consider reducing the penalties against Russia if they became a useful ally. UKRAINE PRESIDENT POROSHENKO said the only way to stop RUSSIA from invading his country and killing his people is to place heavy sanctions on RUSSIA and till they stop the madness.


The EUROPEAN UNION and the USA have heavy sanctions imposed on RUSSIA, as of right now.

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TRUMP reportedly would consider lessening the sanctions against RUSSIA if they could team up, militarily, to OBLITERATE ISIS and Radical Muslims.

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Despite President Trump’s idea, PRESIDENT TRUMP is still going to meet with UKRAINE’s PRESIDENT.

Ukraine President Poroshenko said Asked about the comments on Tuesday, Poroshenko said: “We’ve enjoyed very strong bipartisan support in the United States during the last three years. We don’t see any reason to change this situation.”

Trump’s Secretary of State REX TILLERSON [who has a very, very friendly past with Vladimir Putin] even admitted that RUSSIA is doing some terrible things to UKRAINE. SO WE WILL SEE WHERE THINGS GO WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP on this STICKY SITUATION!

Whether or not RUSSIA PRESIDENT PUTIN & U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP get along nicely or not, as of right now, RUSSIANS Are EXCITED For The Future With TRUMP As U.S. President!