The Trans-Pacific Partnership was just another globalist-developed, structurally one-sided trade deals that would drain America of it’s jobs and send them to other places. The TPP is so bad that even two people on the opposite ends of the political spectrum see eye-to-eye on the TPP .. Bernie Sanders & PRESIDENT TRUMP fully agree that the TPP is a horrid deal. Bernie Sanders praised PRESIDENT TRUMP’s choice to PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But folks, don’t expect Bernie to side with POTUS Trump very often. Bernie Sanders is raging against the President every single day on Twitter.Bernie claims that President Trump is apart of the establishment because he has wealthy people in his administration. Well the wealthy people in the cabinet are outsiders and definitely have not been warmly-welcomed to D.C. They are rich because their work ethic is tremendous and they’re intelligent and successful. We NEED SUCCESSFUL People To RUN OUR Country. We don’t need a dumba** Community-Organizers and we don’t need a wack-job like this socialist senator who didn’t get a job till he was like 50. Oh yeah, I’m talking about Bernie Sanders! The perv!

We have so many politicians in our gov’t who work for lobbyists’ needs instead of Americans’ needs. That’s why President Trump’s agenda is ‘AMERICA FIRST!’

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Skip to 1 minute mark of video below and WATCH. You will not regret it. I promise.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would have been disastrous. TPP would have probably been worse than NAFTA [and NAFTA, signed by signed by Bill Clinton, has been horrid for American workers]. Trump was right about TPP just like he was right about NAFTA. Back years before NAFTA was signed, TRUMP was one of the very few [he may have been the only one, actually] that openly spoke out against NAFTA. TRUMP said that it would only benefit Mexico. Now you can say that nowadays and everyone would agree because we’ve seen NAFTA drain America’s jobs and give to Mexico. But back before NAFTA was even signed, Donald J. Trump had the tremendous foresight to predict exactly what NAFTA would do.

You can’t just guess that. You have to examine a complex governmental trade deal like that from a structural standpoint, economical standpoint, and politically as well. Trump knows what the hell he is talking about!

Today, in the Oval Office sitting at his PRESIDENTIAL DESK .. President Of The USA, Donald John Trump, Officially Put The DAGGER In The HEART Of The Globalist-Endorsed, Corportate-Enslavement Trade Program Called The T.P.P.

The TPP would have been worse than NAFTA.

As you see, President Donald J. Trump kept his promise, and slayed the evil, corporate deal proposition of TPP.

As you see in the tweet above, the Australian Council of Trade Unions acknowledged how President Trump stood against the corporate lobbyists and DEFENDED THE AMERICAN WORKER from the sadistic trade deal called the T.P.P. The organization, as you can read in the tweet, called for the Australian Prime Minister to do the same thing and stand up against the corporations trying to pound workers into the dirt.

TPP is more complex and more industries would have went overseas due to ridiculous regulations set by liberal Democrats. More factories, plants, and countries would flee the US to another land so quick if the TPP were ever passed — because our taxes are truly a problem on our businesses and Democrat Party regulations have caused a lot of problems for businesses. Of course, the corrupt, corporate-controlled neoconservative senator named John McCain flipped sh*t when he found out that PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP is actually forreal and isn’t an establishment crony. McCain, and other GOP establishment sellouts, flipped their lid when PRESIDENT TRUMP inked the order & killed the TPP. The corporate lobbyists, that sneakily pay and make deals with Senators like McCain and Lindsey Graham, are very irate with a populist champion DONALD J. TRUMP being elected to the Presidential position. That’s why so much opposition was against him because they know he’s a billionaire who can’t be bought off [because he’s already rich enough, for one thing .. and he’s not even taking the Presidential salary] because he is a true patriot with the HEART Of AMERICANS. President Trump is not against capitalism, OBVIOUSLY. But I say that because many anti-TPP people [Bernie’s supporters] are anti-capitalism because ‘the elite’ get all of the wealth while everyone else suffers. Well in a capitalist society, with enough planning, diligence, prayer, hard-work, goal-setting, goal-smashing, and execution you can become apart of the 1-percent. Instead of moaning and groaning about the ‘1 percent’ having so much more wealth, how about you get off your a$$ and go to college to become a high-ranking business executive and work your way up. Or go study science and invent something amazing, and then make money off of your invention. Ya know, this capitalistic system may be tough to deal with — but it’s freedom. And it’s better to know that I have my own freewill .. to choose what I want to pursue, to choose how I want to make my impact in the economy, to choose what occupation I want to pursue, to try and build a business if I want to, to try and invent something special if I want to, etc. If we were a socialist country, then we would not have many ambitions nor goals. No one would really strive because no one is gonna be able to accomplish higher-status, so there is no reward for striving hard. You can’t get extremely rich and buy a private jet, even if you are extremely intelligent and a hard-worker, in a socialist system. Everything has to be well-rounded and basically equaled out. Because some people in society do not want to pursue greatness, that means OUT OF RESPECT for THEIR LAZINESS, you must be structurally held down [economically] from getting richer and creating a better life for yourself. That’s socialism, that’s truly UNFAIR to people who have ambitions and dreams they want to pursue. Capitalism is not UNFAIR like brainwashed liberals claim & cry out. Capitalism gives everyone a chance to make their imprint & impact. You can plan to make it to the top ranking position in a corporation, or you can try and build an organization of your own. Or you can be lazy and not ever achieve the excellence that you dream about. Now it’s not unfair to you, that some other person worked harder and is therefore more rich than you — in this capitalist system. That person worked his a$$ off to become financially well off. You did not work as hard, nor did you set goals & try to accomplish them. You floated around in life while the rich guy worked day and night to have a mansion, yacht, and lambo .. and a hot trophy wife .. scratch that, he’s got two of ’em.

So yeah, because that guy worked harder than you — and is now rich because of it — is not UNFAIR. You both started out in this world with endless opportunities and endless directions you could fiercely go, you both started out surrounded by the same capitalist system and he adjusted to the system, grew some thick skin, worked hard, and now he’s rich. You did not work hard, it’s not his fault. It’s your fault. So it’s actually fair that he’s richer, he earned it. What’s UNFAIR is socialism, because ambitious overachievers are tied down by an economic system that suppresses their spirit, soul, and ambitions. Due to a portion of society being lazy and not feeling like pursuing greatness, the government’s economic system is PURE SOCIALISM. Therefore the wealth all goes around and everyone is basically equal .. and there’s not much to pursue, because the socialist, high-taxing, over-taxing, over-regulating governmental policies will prevent you .. by taking your money, that you earned .. running it through the mill [governmentally] and then redistributing your earned pay to people who do not have as much money as you [because they did not work as hard as you did, or didn’t work at all]. So DUE TO THEIR LAZINESS, you are suppressed as the government forces you to pay your HARD-EARNED MONEY to people who smoke pot all day and don’t strive to do anything. So due to the government trying to make everything equal, because of underachieving slackers, YOU ARE CAGED DOWN. You are caged down from reaching YOUR POTENTIAL .. because some people don’t feel as ambitious as you. Now that’s suppression of you and oppression of you  as they [along with the government’s economic system] are preventing you from innovating, inventing, earning your own wage, earning your own way, and living out your own dreams, pursuing your own passions. So because someone has no passion and has no drive, the socialist system stops everyone with a drive from pursuing their financial dreams .. just so they can be stuck with the slackers .. who don’t want to work, nor advance themselves. And o because they have no pride, you must try to keep yours .. under an oppressive, socialist system .. which after a while, will force you to lose your pride .. as you have nothing to strive towards, therefore no goals to accomplish, therefore no pride in your existence. SOCIALISM IS UNFAIR, NOT CAPITALISM. SOCIALISM IS OPPRESSION, CAPITALISM IS FREEDOM. An anti-socialist lives in a socialist country and wants to revolutionize the economic system into a capitalist, open-market economic layout. But he can’t do it because the government restricts him from ever coming close. So the anti-socialist is held down forever. An anti-capitalist lives in a capitalist country and wants an economic revolution to transition the government’s economic system into a socialist system because people are more successful than him and he doesn’t like that. Well the government and economic system won’t have policies that strictly prevent him from running for public office and attempting to prevent just economic proposals and radical legislation. And of course capitalist economic systems usually are in countries that offer the right to free speech so if you have a socialist manifesto you can bloviate about that as well. So once you prevent your socialist ideology and your own, personal demand for the unchained economic system of capitalism to be shutdown, collapsed, folded up, and boxed down into a socialist economic system where people can’t elevate themselves because economic regulations are harshly ran by the government. And the government insiders get all the riches they want, because they take the most money out of the citizens’ taxes, and then redistribute your wealth to others so you are all equal .. while the governmental powers live a few notches above you, in their comfortable residences .. with their spirit darkened with vanity, but their pockets stocked with gold. So the anti-socialist in the socialist country protests socialism but it gets nowhere because socialist policies keep citizens down from making a change to the economic structure. But the anti-capitalist in the capitalist country and protest for & demand socialism, to bring everyone else down to their level so that they can not feel inferior, due to you being a harder worker who astutely commits and pursues your goals. So the anti-socialist in a socialist country wants open-market economics and free-market capitalism, so everyone can have their own opportunities to live how they want. But the anti-capitalist in the capitalist society wants to drag you down to their lever with them, instead of utilizing the [figurative] ladder rungs that the economic structure of capitalism openly provides for anyone, to climb. So socialists think it’s unfair that others have climbed higher up than them economically, so to make it fair they want to drain their hard-earned wealth, take the trophy that they won, and bring them down to your level .. because in your mind, you feel greatly inferior to others who climbed the economic ladder of capitalism and got much higher than you, and want to drag down the climbers who fought to hang on and climbed up the rungs of the economic ladder and are now at the comfortable zone at the top, sitting on the pinnacle [figuratively, financially, spiritually, mentally, and sometimes .. literally] .. while you looked up at them [1-percent] and think how unfair it is that you’re down at the bottom of the latter and they’re at the top, you’d rather stay at the bottom and stare at them .. and since you feel jealous, you want them to come down to your level. Well if that’s the truth then what’s the point? If the economic system is completely disbanded and conglomerated into a socialist structure, then the ‘1-percent’ are now going to be at the bottom of the ladder with you. And you’re going to be at the bottom of the ladder as always. So you brought someone else down, because you spent more time envying the person at the top of the ladder — instead of climbing it yourself. If you would have spent more time focusing on conquering one ladder rung at a time, you’d be at the top by now .. economically .. financially .. deservedly. But since you decided to envy, instead of work, you never got anywhere and you stayed down on the ground. And this time it’s not citizens who earned their wealth above you, it’s cronies in the government who have you oppressed forever .. and all of the rungs on the ladder are missing. Because the economic freewill has been collapsed, because you [and your radicals] decided not to focus on your own journey and climb the ladder .. but instead decided to focus at others on their own journey and felt it was unfair they were higher than you. Well, if the system would have remained capitalistic then you would still be at the bottom and miserable .. but you decided to try and get it changed to a socialistic economic system. And now the economic blueprint of socialism is implemented, and by the authoritative aspect of the socialist economic structure, the restrictions weighed down upon you and every other citizen is felt squishing you all together, financially and economically. And structurally. And so you are still at the bottom, and miserable. When you could have just found your happiness, lost your immature jealousy of others, and found your own path, passion, and free pursuit to your goals and dreams [as you try to convert them into reality] .. yes, if you would have not envied and just focused on yourself, and not looked up at the beings at the pinnacle .. but instead focus on yourself and your own mission .. rung-by-rung, goal-by-goal, milestone-by-milestone, making your way to the top. And now you are on the pinnacle and you realize that capitalism and open-market is true liberation. And the true antidote to extinguish anguish, jealousy, envy, misery, and hatred is not by dragging others down to your ‘pot of misery’ with you .. but by focusing on yourself, and lifting yourself up rung-by-rung. And you will be so focused on your own goals, your own pursuit, your own path, and your own journey, and your own accolades .. that you won’t even remember the ‘1-percent’ and your envy of them .. because you’re on your way to being apart of them, because you don’t think about them and instead you focus upon yourself and your goals, purpose, and duties .. as the most successful ‘1-percent elite’ did as well. Because if the people on the pinnacle ever focused on others, they would have never saw where to place their next hand and would have missed the next rung, therefore causing them to tumble down and lose their place .. all because you focused on others’ positions rather than your own. The ‘1-percent’ (aka) the most successful people (aka) the people at the pinnacle .. they didn’t ascend their way to the top by looking at others, or worrying about others .. they did it by conquering themselves and their own insecurities .. and then vanquishing them, and then pursuing their goals, and naturally as you accomplish more and more you grow and grow and any last sliver or shred of your insecurities is gone .. and you’re at the top of the pinnacle. And others ask how you got their. And you tell them .. that a lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep.

So TPP is full blown corporate capitalism, and the elite at the top are trying to pass the TPP in every nation they can, to export jobs to other parts and pay lower wages to maximize their profit and increase their stocks, growing their corporative empire. So due to the corporate, elite, capitalists having such advantage financially [therefore being able to have advantage politically, by paying for policies that help them out instead of helping the rest of the citizens who are poorer] may be immoral, and greedy. But it is not oppression, because if you have a capitalist system around you, sure — you’ll have greedy capitalists with more money than you probably, but you can either feel inferior to them or you can work and spearhead your own path to climb up the capitalistic, economic, open-market, free-market society .. and be successful in your own right. If the rich capitalists of the 1% were really oppressors then they could stop from pursuing your own financial and economic endeavors. But they can’t. Therefore they may have it easier than you, but you can always work to make it easier for yourself and perhaps get to their spot. But if you resort to socialism, then you’ll truly be oppressed because the governmental authorities will be the rich ones — taking most of your money — and you won’t have any economic freewill to advance yourself up the financial totem pole .. because the financial totem pole hits a ceiling after a little monkey-climb to the top .. and then you will realize, it wasn’t the wildly-successful, financially-entrenched capitalist leaders of their own private corporation that doesn’t oppress anyone .. just operates themselves, and takes care of themselves and does what it can to get better as a corporation .. and you can better as yourself, if you climb up the ladder and not worry about who’s at the top.

So the TPP may be A TRADE AGREEMENT EXECUTED BY EXTREMELY RICH, ARGUABLY GREEDY [most likely, yes], FINANCIALLY-ENTRENCHED  NEOPHYTES .. But just remember, they’re not forcing you to work and legally they cannot pay to eradicate your freedoms .. nor can they change a law .. but they can make deals to make themselves more comfy. Which is not oppression, it’s just capitalism. And you can get comfier, by working like they did to get to their spot. Read more about the termination of TPP here.