President Trump’s CAMPAIGN MANAGER & Top Aide KELLYANNE CONWAY appeared for an interview with HANNITY last night. The first topic they got to was the abusively-biased, liberal media’s FAKE NEWS REPORTS they endlessly put out about PRESIDENT TRUMP. Two of the FAKE NEWS REPORTS that HANNITY brought up were the MLK Jr. Bust story and the ‘GOLDEN SHOWERS’ Russia-Trump story

Sean Spicer had a vicious response to the TIME Magazine ‘journalist’ who falsely claimed that PRESIDENT TRUMP removed the MLK Jr. Bust from the Oval Office. Click HERE to see Sean Spicer RIP The REPORTER.

Kellyanne told Sean that she believes there is a “PRESUMPTIVE NEGATIVITY” by the liberal media when it comes to any situation about PRESIDENT TRUMP. She talked about how the TIME Magazine journalist did not see the MLK Bust so he just REPORTED THAT TRUMP THREW IT OUT, when it fact it was still on the table AS ALWAYS, but someone was standing in front of it at the moment.

Speaking of the ‘GOLDEN SHOWERS’ fake news report, PRESIDENT TRUMP had a very great response to CNN once they tried to ask him a question AFTER THEY REPORTED A FALSE STORY ABOUT HIM. Trump told the CNN reporter that he is ‘FAKE NEWS’ and won’t get to ask him any questions. Once Trump labeled the CNN reporter as ‘FAKE NEWS’ on WORLDWIDE TELEVISION, CNN’s owner company had some problems BECAUSE THEIR STOCKS TANKED! Haha! HILARIOUS! OKAY, I got off topic. BACK TO DISCUSSING THE INTERVIEW.

HANNITY also told Kellyanne, that when he sees her or Reince Priebus or a Trump affiliate go on a mainstream media show, he instantly notices how disrespectful and hostile they are to you. One example that Hannity mentioned was liberal media pundit/tool, Chuck Todd.


[Chuck Todd is not fun to watch in my opinion. He sucks!]


Hannity also said that the LIBERAL MEDIA IS RECKLESSLY REPORTING when it comes to PRESIDENT TRUMP and not caring if it is fake news. KELLYANNE CONWAY responded and she had some Total TRUTH-BOMBS for the LibTard Media.

Kellyanne Conway said that reporters [that report on the West Wing] who continuously MOCK President Donald Trump need to think twice. Kellyanne isn’t saying this about one or two journalists .. she’s saying this about reporters for NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, etc [the liberal media outlets]

“If they snark, if they roll their eyes, if their Twitter feed is filled with 92 percent anti-Trump tweets, they’re not being reporters, they’re being opinion columnists. They’re being professional political hacks and pundits, and we have a right to call that out.”

-Kellyanne Conway

That quote above is a GREAT POINT that KELLYANNE made. We’ve seen the mainstream media [and many of their ‘reporters’] represent themselves more as LIBERALLY-BIASED HACKS who totally REPORT IN FAVOR OF THE DEMOCRATS & DO ALL THEY CAN DO TO DISPARAGE A POPULIST, AMERICAN PATRIOT like DONALD TRUMP.


Conway said an erroneous pool report that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office after Trump’s inauguration Friday was an example of “presumptive negativity” toward the new administration from the mainstream media.

“[The pool reporter] puts it out, it gets tweeted and it gets reported 3,000 times — you still can’t take it back,” Conway said. “He apologized to his colleagues in the press. He has not apologized to the President and the damage is done because then people look at Donald Trump as [racist].

“The darn bust was right there. I was next to it. It was being hidden by a guard,” Conway added. “But why didn’t you ask us? Why didn’t you say ‘where’s the bust?'”

Conway also said that Trump’s first priority as president is boosting the economy, a process that includes the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.

Kellyanne Conway said that Obamacare and it’s effects on health insurance has “been detrimental to millions of Americans” that lost their doctors, insurance, and plans DUE TO OBAMACARE.

Kellyanne mentioned how President Obama promised so much with Obamacare and didn’t deliver at all. Kellyanne Conway also said PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to fight like hell, as he always does, to keep AMERICAN JOBS IN AMERICA by reducing the taxes on corporations and companies — so they make their product in the US and don’t leave for another country where there is lower taxes. President Trump has already been FIGHTING TO SAVE JOBS & HE’S AMAZINGLY DONE IT So FAR. But back to what Kellyanne said about keeping jobs in the US & bringing them to the US is by making it affordable for businesses to be here. Earlier today, PRESIDENT TRUMP said he wants to CUT CORPORATE TAXES “massively” just as Kellyanne said his plan is!

Back to discussing the interview. The clip below is Kellyanne talking about how important it is to President Trump to CREATE JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

Kellyanne said it is very important to reduce the burdens on employers and to lower the taxes as much as you can for them because they are paying a workforce and also providing the employees their benefits and trying to make profit .. therefore, low taxes attract corporations. Watch the full sit-down interview between HANNITY & Kellyanne, by clicking HERE!