President Donald Trump spoke at a press conference earlier today, with VP Mike Pence by his side. He started it off by mentioning that President Obama left him a letter [traditional] in the Oval Office.

“I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from President Obama,” Trump said Sunday, addressing senior staff members before they were sworn in.”It was really very nice of him to do that and we will cherish that. We will keep that and we won’t even tell the press what’s in that letter.”

-President Donald Trump

President Trump teased the media when he pulled the letter out from his suit but he said that he would not let the media know what was written. President Obama obviously left a very, very warmhearted and kind letter — as President Trump spoke glowingly about it.

Trump & Obama have a very long & interesting relationship. But it’s nice to see them relating well [on a human level] despite their political differences.


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As you see in this tweet, Obama must love letters, and he wrote a nice one for Trump.