Robert Kiyosaki is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

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Kiyosaki strongly supported billionaire businessman Donald Trump throughout his entire campaign his entire campaign, from the beginning to November 8th, when TRUMP WON. He has written two business books with President Donald J. Trump. He co-wrote ‘MIDAS TOUCH: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t’ & ‘WHY We Want YOU To Be RICH: Two Men, One Message’ with President Donald J. Trump. ‘MIDAS TOUCH’ was published in 2011 and ‘WHY We Want YOU To Be RICH’ was published all the way back in 2006.

Here’s a video with President Trump [way back before he was the POTUS] discussing the ‘MIDAS TOUCH’ book with Robert Kiyosaki.

Here’s another video of the two, this video they discuss their other book.

Robert Kiyosaki supported Trump’s campaign from start-to-finish. Kiyosaki knows that DONALD J. TRUMP is the type of intelligent, strong, unwavering leader that America needs.

Robert Kiyosaki said this [back when Trump was in the midst of the Republican Primary]: “As I watch the Republican debates, I ask myself, “Of all the candidates on that stage, which one knows how to make money?” We all know that the majority of them know how to spend money, but only one candidate has a proven record of making money. And this is why I decided to…endorse Donald for president.”

Here’s a report from August 2015:

Robert Kiyosaki, a 68-year-old Phoenix resident and author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” financial-literacy books, got to know Trump on the motivational speaker’s tour about a decade ago. He thought the New York developer would make a fine president back then, as was stated in a book that they co-authored, “Why We Want You to Be Rich,” published in 2006.

In an interview this week, Kiyosaki said he continues to support Trump’s candidacy and message, although he disagrees with the latter’s often-inflammatory rhetoric, such as disparaging remarks toward illegal immigrants from Mexico in the U.S.

The two men share common ground as educators, investors and entrepreneurs, Kiyosaki said. “We see the need for financial education,” and mandatory education at that, he added.

Although attacks on illegal immigration have formed the cornerstone of Trump’s electoral message so far, Kiyosaki said the economy might be a stronger platform for him.

“When you look at the problems in the world today, most are economic,” Kiyosaki said. “He and I both see America as bankrupt, with no way to pay off future debt. Yet we’re borrowing money to pay interest on that debt.”

Kiyosaki said he believes Trump, as a seasoned businessman, would be best able to cut spending to right the government’s fiscal imbalances while negotiating fairer trade deals with countries such as China. He believes Trump could convince Mexico to play a more effective role in controlling the border, using bilateral trade as both a stick and carrot.

Trump also might have other advantages when it comes to the economy, Kiyosaki said. As an international businessman, Trump is the one candidate who knows how to create jobs and make money, in Kiyosaki’s opinion. “The others only know how to spend it.”

Here’s Robert Kiyosaki on Fox Business back in September 2015, discussing Trump’s Presidential bid.


Kiyosaki and TRUMP.jpg

Kiyosaki wrote a congratulatory message for President Donald J. Trump after he was FINALLY INAUGURATED & OFFICIALLY BECAME The 45th President of the U.S.A. You need to read what Kiyosaki says in his message of congratulations, he really shows his admiration! To read, click here.