President Trump’s pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson [former ExxonMobil CEO] has been fighting an uphill battle to get confirmed. Due to many corrupt warmongering politicians wanting WW3 with Russia, many are opposing Tillerson because of his friendly past with Putin.

Image result for rex TILLERSON DOANLD TRUMP

Image result for rex TILLERSON DOANLD TRUMP

Surprisingly, neocon warmonger John McCain has issued out his official support for Tillerson — despite his concerns. Lindsey Graham, another establishment warmongering neoconservative, supports Tillerson despite concerns.

Sen. Graham & Sen. McCain issued a joint statement saying that they “still have concerns” about Tillerson’s “past dealings with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, we believe that Mr Tillerson can be an effective advocate for US interests”

Sen. Rubio still is fearmongering about Tillerson and is looking as if he won’t back Tillerson as of now. Despite Tillerson’s challenge to be confirmed, many of Trump‘s cabinet officials were just sworn in today by VP Pence!

Senate Majority Leader REPUBLICAN SENATOR Mitch McConnell has publicly displayed strong confidence that Trump‘s picks will be confirmed.