There is a major war on police being waged in America today. The anti-cop, hate group [or terror group] Black Lives Matter is out of control. Due to BLM, more police officers are targeted everyday. Of course the liberally-biased, mainstream media fuels the fire of BLM and their debunked claims.


During the extremely busy times that President Trump is going through due to just being Inaugurated as the 45th POTUS, you would not think that he would reach out to the husband of a slain policewoman .. but he did.


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Lt. Debra Clayton of the Orlando Police Department was gunned down by a wanted murderer, Markeith Loyd. After a week-long manhunt, the disgusting savage Markeith Loyd was taken into custody.

There is no telling how distraught and utterly saddened Lt. Clayton’s husband is right now, as his loving wife was killed and taken from him. And when President Trump personally picked up the phone to call him, he was most likely surprised to know that a man of Donald Trump’s status actually CARES about everyday people [and especially cares for our law enforcement officials].


The image below: Lt. Debra Clayton [left], her husband Seth [right]

Lt. Debra Clayton’s husband, Seth, had a “brief, very touching, private conversation between two husbands” when he talked over the phone with President Trump [at the time of the phone call, Trump was still the President-elect].

Lt. Clayton was laid to rest during a three-hour funeral service at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. The funeral took place just a little over a week ago. Orlando Police Chief John Mina posthumously promoted [then Master Sgt] Debra Clayton to the rank of Lieutenant. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said that Lt. Clayton “exhibited the best in policing” and will be remembered for many things but definitely remembered for urging people “to not give up on our Police Department.” Lt. Clayton worked for years trying to build bridges between the police and the community. Amazingly, many law enforcement officials came from all over America to attend Lt. Clayton’s funeral in Orlando. Even NYPD officers came all the way down from the Manhattan State to pay their respects.

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A report said that the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump  has

“brought a transition of power in Washington D.C. between an administration that has all but crucified our law enforcement and an incoming administration that has gone out of their way   to   back the blue.”

The reporter’s statement explains the difference between OBAMA & TRUMP when it comes to POLICE. Of course the Obama administration has treated our police terribly, while the Trump administration has bravely led the charge against the liberals & the media’s anti-police sentiment

The report also mentioned that while “rioters have taken to the streets to destroy” property and wreak violence and havoc in protest of the 45th POTUS, men and women of law enforcement “all across our country” are breathing a sigh of relief to have a pro-police administration in The White House.

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The writer of the report is the wife of a policeman, and she also finished off by saying “knowing that we have a leader who supports our officers takes a huge weight off my heart.”


R.I.P. Lt. Clayton & God Bless Her Family.