Radical liberals violently protested in the streets, trashed the streets, attacked Trump fans, burned down vehicles, attacked police officers, had emotional meltdowns, and did many more disruptive things in D.C. as Trump was Inaugurated as the 45th POTUS.  And now .. a radical liberal has been caught on camera wearing a black ski mask and displaying the ISIS flag on his phone while staring down Trump supporters.


This is extremely alarming as ISIS called for BLOODY MURDERFESTS TO COMMENCE as TRUMP was INAUGURATED.

According to this report “an anti-Trump Antifa protester”  displayed a “photo of an ISIS flag” and then displayed “an ISIS beheading video on his phone to intimidate Trump supporters.”

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No wonder President Trump has proposed to BAN MUSLIMS. We need to!

He pointed both fingers to his eyes and then to those watching him,” said the eyewitness, adding, “We alerted security at the bar but do not think anything was done. He returned to show a video of an ISIS beheading as if to taunt those inside.”

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This took place at the Proper 21 sports bar in D.C. the night before the Inauguration. The photographer of the incident said that the man stood outside in the black mask while he held up the ISIS flag on his phone as he stared through the window at Trump supporters. As you read in the quote above, the eyewitness alerted the restaurant’s security but apparently they did not do anything [or felt as if it was not a serious threat, perhaps]. Despite the security’s inaction, the eyewitness says he filed a report to the FBI. Hopefully the FBI will find out who this freak is so they can throw his ass in the slammer — he is obviously an ISIS sympathizer! 

In this video posted by RSBN, Trump supporters said that some guy was trying to intimidate them by showing an ISIS video. Skip to the 1 hour mark of the video to hear the Trump fans talk about it.


The fact that social justice warriors are now using ISIS propaganda in an effort to intimidate their political adversaries is interesting given that ISIS has written in its own manifesto of plans to recruit members of the far-left since both groups broadly share the same goals.

Entitled Black Flags from Rome, the December 2015 manifesto includes a section called European Muslims Allying With Left Wing Activists which states that jihadists and left-wingers “will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the financial elite.”

It appears as though at least some members of Antifa, the anarchist/communist group that caused mayhem in DC yesterday, are open to that possibility.