Israel has moved on from President Obama and his pro-Palestine/pro-Muslim policies. Israel has refused to acknowledge the UN’s anti-Israeli settlements vote. Now that Trump is the POTUS, they have decided to keep building settlements on their own homeland.

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And NOW WE KNOW that Israel PM Netanyahu will officially visit TRUMP’s WHITE HOUSE .. next month!

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu graciously accepted US President Donald Trump’s humble invitation to The White House. Israel PM Netanyahu  said that he hopes this is the beginning of the US and Israel forging a “common vision” for Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And also the meeting will be about forging a clear vision for how to handle the Iranians and their malicious threats.

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Israel PM Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump have had a very good relationship for a little time now.

Israel PM Netanyahu said that him and the POTUS had a “very warm conversation” over the phone on Sunday. Apparently they both discussed the IRANIAN NUCLEAR DEAL, a deal that Netanyahu and POTUS Trump have both strongly criticized. Trump also said that the call was “very nice.”