Here are a few #FunFacts about President Donald J. Trump and a few landmarks he’s already got under his belt.

  1. Oldest Incoming President Ever! Yes, Trump looks young for his age because of the nice tan and famous blonde hair — but he is oldest President to ever take office. Image result for TRUMP hair GIF The 2nd oldest to ever take office was Ronald Reagan, who was 69 years of age when he became President in 1981.


Donald Trump was born on 14 June, 1946, which makes him 70 years old at the time of his inauguration. He will be the 45th US president — and the oldest to have ever taken office at his start date in American history.

Ronald Reagan was 69 when he became US president in 1981. Reagan was a two-termer, and he was 77 by the time he left office in 1989. If Trump also becomes a two-termer, he would be 78 when he left office in 2025, setting a new record.

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Trump & Reagan are the two oldest men to ever become President.

An old picture with Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

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Amazingly, there are so many similarities between President Reagan & President Trump.

2. Richest President Ever, First Billionaire President.

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Some people don’t see this as a good thing but I have no clue why. You want someone who has succeeded and achieved great success in the capitalistic economic system that is provided by the United States of America. You don’t want someone who has never accomplished anything in their life nor do you want someone like Bernie Sanders who didn’t have a job until he was practically a grandpa. President Trump took a small organization, first operated by his dad, and he turned it into a global brand and an international success.

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That’s the kind of thinking we need to solve our problems!

Skip to 5:07 of the video below .. to listen to Trump’s brilliant opening statement.

And that is the type of work ethic you want running things in the Oval Office, too!

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Skip to 42:52 of this video to hear Gov. Christie describe what kind of REAL MAN that DONALD TRUMP is & why you need him As POTUS!

3. Richest Administration Ever. Once again, many people look at this as a bad thing but I do not know why. The Trump cabinet is filled with outsiders and people who were independently successful, and they made a lot of money due to their intelligence and work ethic. Now they are going to use that same intelligent, work ethic to fix the many problems our gov’t and country faces. You don’t want a bunch of whiney, unhinged, melodramatic liberals in their like ‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren. You want accomplished, astute, successful men and women working things for our country. So use logic and understand that!


Of course the low-testosterone, unmotivated, unachieved, uninspired beta-male cucks have come out of the woodworks mocking and complaining about Trump’s cabinet. As if it’s a bad thing it’s filled with extremely successful people that WIN, WIN, WIN in an open market society? Like this idiot from the LA Times [Don Lee, reporter]. Don Lee is a low-energy liberal beta-male.

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The look of a total cuckolded beta-male. The little feminized stare with the thin, effeminate glasses. All complete and topped off with the official CARL THE CUCK haircut!

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My God, holy Toledo. These two are f*cking identical twins. Two cucks in a pod.

Don Lee said “the New York businessman has tapped a slate of people very much in his own vein to serve alongside him – billionaires and multimillionaires, including Wall Street financiers, industrialists and scions of the super-rich.” So why does Don Lee and every other anti-Trump, low-energy liberal so HATEFUL when it comes to successful people?

Notice how Bernie Sanders repeatedly demonized the rich and the ‘1 percent’ as if they were some sort of evil for achieving greatness in their life? Just don’t vote Bernie [if he ever runs again], don’t support Bernie. EVER.

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Bernie made the super rich men and women of America [aka ‘the elite’] out to be extremely evil, selfish, intolerable pigs just because they want to enjoy the fruits of their labor and not be taxed out the wazoo & have their wealth stripped away from them, and given to some lazy, uninspired, snowflake liberals. This is America. If you are really rich, it’s because you worked like hell to get there .. or you went viral online, or something like that! This article explains how Bernie is after your wallet, if you’re a hard-worker who succeeds and pays your own bills [because you are an independent, free, anti-governmental dependence, pro-work for money, anti-welfare kind of guy] So my message to liberals is .. QUIT DEMONIZING SUCCESS!

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Check out this EPIC ARTICLE on ‘Louder With Crowder’ where he OWNS little snowflake Sanders supporters. To read, click here.

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Bernie said that Americans are not compassionate because HARDWORKING AMERICANS don’t want to have their taxes skyrocket — just to pay for some pipsqueak on a couch, too lazy to get a job or go to college. Well Rand Paul heard Bernie say that, and the Socialist / neo-Communist Bernstein got ROASTED.

The LA Times’ Don Lee continued on and said that “the nation’s richest 1%, and the politicians who support and protect them, are out of touch with ordinary citizens and their needs.” Uhhh, excuse me? One, Hillary Clinton is the one who screws America over by taking political office and then    not doing what’s best for the country because she got paid to do the opposite.

Hillary recklessly gave top-grade military weaponry to Saudi donors, despite not knowing where the weapons would end up & not knowing who would get them [and utilize them].

Two – President Donald Trump has a plan that he is working to execute, in which D.C. will have ‘the swamp drained’ and there won’t be any more corrupt politicians putting foreign & special interests before the American people.

Funnily, despite the media saying that Pres. Trump would not ‘drain the swamp’, the first damn chance that Trump’s VP Mike Pence did when had the chance to excise corruption .. was excise corruption. #DrainTheSwamp!

And what really pissed me off about that last statement by the LA Time’s writer — is when he said “the nation’s richest 1%” are “out of touch with ordinary citizens and their needs.” Uh, excuse me but it is not the nation’s richest people’s liability to know about ordinary American citizens’ needs. The nation’s richest people earned their wealth, earned their status, earned their living and it’s all credit to them for doing so. Just because some Americans are not as successful or wealthy as others, doesn’t mean it’s the successful people’s fault nor is it their liability to take care of them. The ordinary citizen may be struggling with things but the nation’s 1% were once struggling with things as well .. and then they worked harder & smarter to become accomplished, rich, men and women.

And it’s not their fault that you didn’t. It’s the U.S.A., anyone can make it if you try hard enough. It’s the LAND Of The FREE & HOME Of The BRAVE. So enjoy the freedom to be as successful as you want, as long as you take the leap forward with bravery, aspirations, goals, and an attitude to win. Don’t be cucked like the SJW liberals who are 25 years old and still living in mommy’s basement. Be better than that. Don’t be a sap, don’t be a slob, don’t be a loser. Get up and take care of yourself. And quit blaming ‘the rich’ for your problems. They had nothing to do with it, and in fact — many of ‘the rich’ are the people who provide us with the newest technology, the nicest houses and resorts, the grandest theme parks, the coolest cars, etc.

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4. No White House Pets! Awww, no pet in The TRUMP White House?! How sad!

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President Donald J. Trump will be the first US President in over a century not to have a pet in The White House. Sad! It would be so cute if the Trumps got a pet or two. They may in the future, so just hold on and we’ll see. Melania and Barron still haven’t officially moved in The White House yet, so maybe once they get there and get adjusted — they’ll start looking at Presidential pets to fit the Trump stature of living.

BTW, Barron Trump had himself a puppy all picked out. But the offer was taken back, which sadly pulled the plug on the First Family’s potential pet. The dog offered to Barron was a Goldendoodle puppy [as Golden as Trump’s Hair] and it was set to become a member of the First Family of the United States [which would have made it the First Dog of the US]. The dog’s name was ‘Patton’ — named after one of President Trump’s favorite military heroes [and most likely one of Pres. Trump’s biggest role models].

5. Melania Trump Is The First Slovenian FLOTUS, Only 2nd FLOTUS Born Outside Of The US, First FLOTUS Born In Communist Nation, Most Intelligent Linguist That The Position Of FLOTUS Has Ever Had.  


These 5 facts were just a few historic aspects of DONALD TRUMP’s PRESIDENCY. There are many other landmark things that he has done throughout his campaign, and much more milestones he will accomplish & reach as our proud POTUS! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!