It is confirmed that Muslim countries are the most intolerant countries in the world. Muslim countries are the most misogynistic, racist, religiously-intolerant countries in the history of the world. And this pro-Trump man, who legally immigrated, talks about his experiences in living in Muslim countries…

Skip to 20:20 in the video below to hear the legal immigrant call out the pro-Muslim Democrats.

The man said “People of other religions are treated like DIRT” in Muslim countries.

He also added that the past 8 years under Obama has been a “nightmare” .. He said the “nightmare has ended today” with Trump being inaugurated. This emphatic statement caused an eruption of cheers from Trump supporters. He then said:

“God is the installer and God is the remover of kings. Today God installed Mr Trump as the President of this country.”

The pro-Trump man, dawning his MAGA hat, continued on and said his ‘heart bleeds’ for young people that support Democrats. He continued on by saying that Islamists inside the US gov’t are working to destroy the US. I agree with this, as we’ve seen Islam destroy countries everywhere.