The Head Coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich, is a tremendously successful coach. He’s won The NBA Finals 5 times! But outside of basketball, he is NOT that smart.

This is not the first time that Gregg Popovich has spoken with such utter disrespect about President Trump. Popovich served in the U.S. Air Force back decades ago — so since he’s a veteran, you’d think that he would show a little bit more respect for the new Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

As you heard in the video above, Popovich said he’s a ‘rich, white guy’ as if he was ashamed about it. Popovich is just trying to invoke that beta male SJW ‘white guilt’ bullsh*t like all libtards do. Go to an African country and it’s all blacks, yet you don’t hear them say they have ‘black guilt’ .. go to a Hispanic/Latin country and it’s all Hispanic/Latin people, and none of them have ‘Hispanic guilt’ or ‘Latin guilt’ .. go to an Asian country and it is all Asians, yet none of them have ‘Asian guilt’ .. so why is it that in countries built by white men, they try and make white people have ‘white guilt’?! White people are on a path to becoming the racial minority in their own countries, and when that happens — AFRICA will still be BLACK, ASIA will still be ASIANS, HISPANIC/LATIN countries will still be HISPANIC/LATIN, and EUROPE + CANADA + USA will no longer be white. Instead whites will be the minority in their own countries, the countries that were built by white people. So while every other race will still have their homeland, white people will be the minority in theres. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos will all have their homelands filled with people of the same race as them! But whites’ homelands will be filled with Blacks, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos and whites will be the minority in their own country — and whites will be the only race not to have a country in which they are a predominant race. That’s because white countries are the only countries ever told to ‘diversify’ and white countries are the only countries that are forced to have wide open borders. Due to ethnocentrism in non-white countries and due to non-white countries not being nearly as immigrant-friendly as white countries are, whites will become the minority in their own countries [while blacks, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos will be filling up the whites’ countries WHILE STILL having their own homelands filled with people of the same skin color]. White genocide is not an opinion. White genocide is a proven fact. But anyways, I’m not against blacks or Hispanics or Asians .. I’m just stating the fact that white genocide is a proven fact. And I am not anti-LEGAL immigration, I am supportive of LEGAL immigrants. And I’m not against America having black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, and white people all in it — PURSUING The American Dream! But I’m just saying that white people should not feel ‘white guilt’ — like Gregg Popovich obviously feels as he figuratively cucks himself in front of reporters in the video above. Sad!

Also, in the video of Spurs coach Popovich, he mentioned how ‘disenfranchised’ he would feel if he were ‘disabled’ .. Popovich said this because he still believes the CONFIRMED HOAX about Trump and the disabled reporter. The liberal media lied and fed that false narrative endlessly, throughout the length of Trump’s campaign. Yet despite Trump NOT making fun of the disabled man, like the media falsely says he did, so many people still believe the total hoax about Trump and the disabled reporter. It’s sad that Popovich cucked himself again .. this time to a hoax which was made by the liberal media!

Popovich then spoke about the Evangelicals that came out and voted for Trump in a big-time way. He insinuated that “Evangelicals” who voted Trump don’t treasure the values that Christianity teaches. Well, Popovich cucked himself by saying he would feel ‘disenfranchised’ if he were a Muslim — despite Muslim countries being the most racist and intolerant countries on the face of God’s green earth. And now Popovich is taking potshots at Christians who support Trump. Sad!

Popovich said he would feel so very, utterly, completely devastated if he were a Muslim American. Popovich said he can’t imagine how ‘disenfranchised’ Muslims must feel right now. Funny, because I can’t imagine how ‘disenfranchised’ all non-Muslims feel right now in Muslim countries .. [or how non-Muslims feel all over the world, basically!]