A group of white liberals [brainwashed by cultural-Marxism theology] participated in anti-Trump protests. This happened on the day of Trump’s inauguration. They yelled at the police and called them ‘racist’ while the police just stood there, ensuring no one gets hurt. The liberals think police are RACIST because of the false narrative pushed by the media [totally debunked narrative, from top-to-bottom]. Watch these idiotic WHITE liberals yell at a group of racially-diverse police officers and call them ‘racist’ …

These radical, pro-Hillary, pro-WW3 with Russia, pro-Muslim, anti-Trump, anti-Christian, anti-America, pro-New World Order LIBERALS attacked Trump supporters and eventually attacked police officers. They also set massive fires in protest of Trump’s inauguration. Click here to watch a mentally-ill liberal totally lose her marbles the moment TRUMP is OFFICIALLY DECLARED The 45th P.O.T.U.S.