The ‘Women’s March’ in Washington D.C. has been a clusterf**k of stupidity. Super-celeb Madonna called for the bombing of Trump’s White House, yet her female privilege / celebrity privilege has gotten her out of charges. But the word is, the Secret Service is investigating .. still, if they were going to arrest her or charge her, they would have already done it. It’s so obvious.

At the ‘Women’s March’, only PRO-ABORTION WOMEN were allowed to march. But the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization did not care. Liberals crash our events, infiltrate our rallies, ruin our rallies, attack us, do hate hoaxes, burn down our property, etc. So it’s time we give them a little taste of their own medicine. President of the Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins, totally owned the brainwashed feminists in D.C. today. 


Folks, whether you are religious or not — abortion is murder. Even if you do not allow any religious involvement / religious beliefs in your thoughts on abortion, the truth is the truth. ABORTION IS COLDBLOODED, CRUEL, SADISTIC MURDER. Of course, some women must have abortions due to very insane situations. But in most cases, abortion is grossly immoral and sadistic.

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Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said that the femi-nazi march/’Women’s March’ is ignoring the fact that the “majority of American women” find abortion to be “morally wrong” .. The Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins also added that “the majority of American women” belive in “protecting families” therefore protecting unborn babies. Sickeningly, the left has gotten so radical — that some liberals are trying to say that it’s okay to ‘abort’ your ‘baby’ up to five years after he/she is born. SICK!  Slate sickeningly tried to justify the ‘abortion’ of a child after being born. Not surprising though because Slate and the far-left now approve of pedophilia. Liberals are mentally-ill. Severely mentally-ill!

The highly-trusted and very reliable news outlet, BREITBART, noted that pro-life actress Patricia Heaton tweeted out her full support for the pro-life protesters!