Liberals in Washington D.C. were unhinged during the Inauguration. They even attacked DeploraBall attendees.

But what you will see in the two videos below are BEYOND DISTURBING. A Trump supporter extinguishes a fire that liberal anarchists started .. and then they steal his MAGA hat. A brave man then attempted to get the hat back but only got body-slammed and ganged up on by rabid liberals.

Now watch this below, where a radical liberal sucker punches Richard Spencer.

Richard Spencer is a Trump supporter & his political affiliation is with the alt-right. He does not support the murdering of non-white people, but instead he wants a homeland just for white people — since every other race besides white people have their own homeland(s). Richard Spencer condemns violence & is for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” .. He also wants to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture & the eradication of the white race. But he wants to do it in a peaceful manner.

Spencer does not identify himself as a conservative because core-conservative policies do not have any policies that “represent explicitly white interests” .. I agree with Spencer on that viewpoint. Why is the white race the only race that isn’t allowed to have political policies solely represent their race? 


By the way, liberals are labeling Richard Spencer as a ‘neo-Nazi’ & a ‘white supremacist’ despite that being untrue. Black people have their countries where they are the only race, Hispanics/Latinos do as well, Asians do as well — and no one calls them race supremacists. So Richard Spencer wants a country just for the white race, so the white race doesn’t eventually die out, and he’s called a ‘white supremacist’? Wtf?!