“We’re taking the destiny in our hands .. we’re breathing life into it .. and those DEVIL WORSHIPPERS up there, the enemy. Chucky Schumer, DEVIL WORSHIPPER. Obama, DEVIL WORSHIPPER. It’s well known. THESE ARE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!”

-Alex Jones

After the monumental INAUGURATION of DONALD J. TRUMP, InfoWars’ ALEX JONES dropped a bombshell, explosive, over-the-top incredible speech. He goes on an emotional tirade and you can tell he is so very happy that Obama is out of the Oval Office for good — but at the same time, Alex was CLEARLY still INFURIATED about the globalists secretly in the US gov’t and wants to stop them at any costs.

Skip to 8:21 of the video to hear Alex Jones call out the Satanic cultists.

Whether you fully believe what Alex Jones says about many US governmental figures being straight-up, psychopathic, evil Luciferians/Satanists — or whether you think it’s a load of bullsh*t. He does have a lot of proof to back up his claims. Bill Clinton openly admitted he did voodoo — which has well-known connections to Satanism.

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ONE THING IS UNDENIABLY TRUE. You CANNOT Deny It. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman / bestfriend John Podesta was REVEALED 100% to be a SATANIST. The emails exposed the fact that he regularly attends SPIRIT COOKINGS aka SATANIC RITUAL DINNERS. That’s out in the open and 100% CONFIRMED. The evidence is right there.