YESTERDAY, Donald J. Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States of America.

Trump becoming the United States President .. #45! That’s a pretty big deal. Not only is Trump the leader of the free world but Trump is also one of the greatest businessmen in the world and he’s a tremendously-successful real estate developer. Trump is also an A-list celebrity. When you say the name ‘DONALD TRUMP’ everyone knows it, and they always have. But deep down inside, it turns out PRESIDENT TRUMP is just a normal guy like all of us. He showed some amazing hospitality when he met two exciting fans who was dining at his lovely WASHINGTON D.C. HOTEL.  Just a few days ago on Wednesday, PRESIDENT TRUMP made an unexpected visit to his D.C. hotel. It’s only a little over a mile-and-a-half from The White House!


Trump made his way into his glorious & glamorous D.C. hotel for a bite to eat .. of course he was swarmed by extremely jubilant and shell-shocked fans! But two women were especially lucky to see PRESIDENT TRUMP that night! Because he paid their bill! Now that’s BIG LEAGUE! ! !


Yes, you read the title of those articles correctly! Michelle Rosser-Seiz and her friend were dining at the TRUMP D.C. HOTEL — when OUT OF NOWHERE, ‘The Donald’ himself came marching in!

Guess who came to dinner? #surprise

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Wow!! They let anybody in this hotel.

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This all happened on Wednesday night, just a few days ago. PRESIDENT TRUMP [technically at the time of all of this he was still the President-elect, but you get what I mean] ditched the White House Press Pool to get some delicious dinner at his own luxury hotel right down the road. According to reports, Trump was very cordial and shook hands with many of his supporters in the hotel!

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And as we see, PRESIDENT D.J.T. was very, very, very cordial to Michelle Rossier-Seiz and her friend! Trump walked in his hotel while Michelle and her friend were enjoying a very expensive meal there. Trump was only there for around 30 minutes to eat his dinner and get back to work, but he had enough time to take a pic with Michelle and pay for her and her friend’s meal. The bill was ‘at least’ a thousand bucks, according to Michelle!


The highly-respected DAILY MAIL reported:

Donald Trump has already made America great again for two women dining at his DC hotel – by comping their thousand-dollar dinner bill and kissing one of them.

When Jenna Setticasi made the trip from Florida to the nation’s capital to take part in the inauguration celebrations, she may not have expected to get up and close and personal with the president-elect.

But that’s exactly what happened during the software developer’s meal with a friend, Michelle Rosser-Seiz, and her family at the Trump International Hotel in DC.

Trump received a hero’s welcome as he made a sudden surprise visit to his own Washington DC hotel on Wednesday evening.

The president-elect arrived to cheers from a crowd of VIPs and campaign surrogates at the Trump Hotel – seen in exclusive footage.

The triumphant entry came after feigning a drive to the city’s Reagan National airport, then ducking the political press corps before turning around to drive to his own hotel.

But it was a quick stop – he spent just about 30 minutes inside the hotel, including the restaurant BLT Steak, before rushing back off in his motorcade.

According to the Daily Mail, Michelle Rosser-Seiz’s friend Jenna Setticasi posted a status on Facebook about the amazing situation. The status let her friends know that she just met Trump at the D.C. hotel and he paid for her and Michelle’s bill! One part of what Jenna Setticasi said on Facebook was this, ‘OMG just hugged Donald J Trump,’ .. Jenna Setticasi also snapped many photos of Trump [I would as well, can’t blame her]before sharing pictures of the President [at the time he was still the President-elect, since this took place on Wednesday] sitting down at the table next to hers.

Those are just some pictures that Setticasi took of Trump while he was in his D.C. hotel on Wednesday night. The final pic is of Jenna’s INAUGURATION TICKETS that she had for the very momentous & super special occasion! To view more of Trump supporter Jenna Setticasi’s pics of Trump, click here!


Jenna Setticasi also snapped this great pic as well. I would say that this young girl is pretty elated to be so close to the 45th US President! She just wanted a pic so bad! Well, good job to her because she got a pic with ‘The Donald’ ! …

… in the tweet below, Jenna Setticasi posted pics of the INAUGURATION SETTING and as you can tell by the caption, she’s really excited to have Trump as our President! Sounds like her and her friend had an amazing trip to D.C. She and her friend met PRESIDENT TRUMP, dined in his luxurious hotel, got your meal paid for by him, and then went to see him officially become the 45th President of the United States of America. NOW, FOLKS .. That’s awesome!

According to the Daily Mail, Jenna Setticasi posted a video on Facebook showing President Trump giving her friend Michelle a kiss on the cheek after giving her a nice hug as he made his way through the enthusiastic crowd in his D.C. hotel! 


Jenna’s friend Michelle got Trump’s attention by wildly fangirling and shouting for his attention as the Secret Service escorted him through his hotel. Read the report, below!

Then, as Trump’s security cleared a path for him that went across the front of where she was standing, Rosser-Seiz began shouting in an attempt to get his attention.

‘I love you Trump. I love, absolutely love – make America great, oh my god I’m going to cry, he hugged me,’ she was heard saying in Setticasi’s short video.

Rosser-seiz then posted a picture of her and Trump on Facebook, along with the caption: ‘So this just happened. He kissed me!!’

Setticasi then revealed the president-elect took care of their bill, writing: ‘Trump comped our bill! MAGA.’

Michelle Rosser-Seiz posted a pic of her and Trump in a Fox News article, on her own Facebook page. Take a look, by clicking here.