We are at a pivotal moment in our great American history. We can get WEAKER, WEAKER, WEAKER while other countries get STRONGER, STRONGER, STRONGER or we can restore our country to what made it the greatest nation in the first place. As we are currently in a moral-erosion throughout America [and throughout the world] we see hope disappearing .. we see humans becoming more like zombies .. we see would-be innovators becoming losers .. we see mental illness rising .. we see absolutely heinous violence rising .. we see a lot of HORRIBLE ISSUES taking over our nation and ruining it. But with PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, a true leader who is a bold Constitutionalist, just embedded as the 45th U.S. President — it’s a profound opportunity to fix America and save the Republic.

Ronald Reagan once said ‘freedom is only one generation away from extinction’ .. which is so true. We can listen to GOD and the Founding Fathers of America .. and stick to the picture-perfect blueprint aka the Constitution and remain the freest, safest, boldest, most powerful country in the history of God’s green earth. OR we can avoid all of that and lose the rights and freedoms and liberties that our ancestors bravely, vigorously, unwaveringly fought for.

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Ronald Reagan once said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Therefore we must preserve the Constitution which is the spectacular document that ensures our basic freedoms and ensures us a true chance to pursue life, love, liberty, and happiness. With Iran emboldened like never before, ISIS emboldened like we’ve never seen before, the Middle East in shambles, the cultural-Marxists trying to break down society and culture and civilization, and all of the true troubles we face — we have two choices. Float around and be a purposeless trendy and a sheep in a herd .. or we can step outside the comfy zone like our ancestors did [they never had a comfy zone] and pursue justice, peace through strength, freedom, liberty, prosperity and be purposeful and complete our God-given mission.

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When Donald Trump was sworn in sworn in and took the stage to deliver his intensely powerful Inauguration Address, Pastor Franklin Graham was alerted that the clouds started precipitating and the skies started drizzling.

“In the Bible, rain is the sign of God’s blessing, and it started to rain, Mr. President, when you came to the platform,”

-Rev. Franklin Graham

Truly amazing. Not only did the raindrops begin to lightly fall from the skies when President Trump stepped up to the platform, but the very, precise, exact moment that Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in — the skies opened up and the sun vibrantly came out.