I’ve said it multiple times before .. anti-Trump liberals really, really, really have a sick fetish with setting things on fire. They set a Trump supporter’s truck on fire, they lit a Trump supporter’s car on fire, they even set themselves on fire! What is it with these anti-Trump libtards? Are they pyromaniacs? I think so. SAD! And what’s truly sad is that earlier today in D.C., after TRUMP officially became the 45th .. radical ANTI-TRUMP liberals set a limousine on FIRE! The video is below, BUT I WARN YOU — it’s truly frightening! REMOVE KIDS FROM THE ROOM BEFORE YOU CLICK PLAY.

We’ve seen Soros-supported, anti-Trump, pro-Hillary, radical, progressive liberals put on many violent protests and radical riots. George Soros is a billionaire just like Donald Trump .. except Soros is a Nazi    collaborator who evilly funds ANTI-POLICE GROUPS and sadistically funds CIVIL UNREST GROUPS. Yes, it’s true. GEORGE SOROS HELPED THE NAZIS BACK IN WW2. IT’S TRUE, FOLKS. Soros is truly a demonic globalist and he obviously has no problem with European women getting raped by MUSLIM MIGRANTS on a MASS SCALE because he is fully supportive  OF THE MUSLIM MIGRANTS AND SOROS HIMSELF IS THE ORCHESTRATOR OF EUROPE’S MAJOR EPIDEMIC OF BEING FLOODED WITH MUSLIM MIGRANT RAPISTS ! GEORGE SOROS IS FOR OPEN BORDERS IN EUROPE SO THAT MUSLIMS CAN COME IN AND RAPE ALL OF THE WHITE EUROPEAN WOMEN. OKAY. I SAID IT STRAIGHT-UP. BECAUSE THAT’S TRUTH — BECAUSE SOROS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE WEIRD LIBERALS/SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS WHO HATES WHITE PEOPLE AND IS OKAY WITH WHITE WOMEN GETTING RAPED BY 3RD WORLD MUSLIMS. SOROS SUPPORTS THE RADICAL MUSLIMS, SOROS IS OKAY THAT THE MUSLIM MIGRANTS ARE COMING TO RAPE WHITE WOMEN. THAT’S TRUTH FOLKS. THE MUSLIM MIGRANTS ARE COMING TO EUROPE TO RAPE THE WHITE WOMEN. You don’t believe me? Click the last two blue links, I left. Or take a look at these memes that Muslims are putting on Facebook, openly bragging about how they are coming to rape the WHITE EUROPEAN WOMEN. AND MANY OF EUROPE’S ‘MEN’ ARE SO EFFEMINIZED AND BRAINWASHED BY THE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA. IT’S TRULY SAD TO SEE SO MANY EUROPEAN MALES JUST STAND DOWN AND LET THEIR CULTURE AND THEIR WOMEN JUST BE TAKEN FROM THEM AND DESTROYED IN THE NAME OF ‘DIVERSITY’  Liberals in Europe [just like here in the US] are repeatedly talking about how me must diversify. Why is it that only white countries have to diversify? Hmmm..

Image result for white countries divesify

The men of today in Europe are truly being cucked and their ancestors would be irate with them. Their ancestors built up Europe and fought for it and protected it and all of that culture and genetics and lineage all built up to them .. and NOW the liberal brainwashing has fully taken over the European men and it’s ruining their culture and destroying their race and future. I mean, take a look at this story. Click this link, it’s an outrage! Okay, so back to what I was talking about. THE WHITE EUROPEAN MEN ARE CUCKOLDED AND JUST LET THE 3RD WORLD MUSLIMS RAPE THE WHITE WOMEN. The men of Europe are total cucks! I MAY SOUND PARANOID, BUT WHEN YOU TAKE A GLIMPSE AT THE FACTS — YOU CAN TELL THAT WHAT I’M SAYING IS 100% LEGITIMATE. The facts do not lie — the European men are totally cucked. IT’S TRULY WEIRD THAT SOROS COLLABORATED WITH THE NAZIS AT ONE POINT BUT NOW HE’S COLLABORATING WITH RADICAL MUSLIMS. I GUESS SOROS JUST LOVES FUNDING EVIL. GEORGE SOROS IS EVIL. GEORGE SOROS IS ANTI-NATIONALIST AND SOROS IS PRO-GLOBALISM AND PRO-NEW WORLD ORDER AND PRO-EVIL AND ANTI-CHRISTIAN. GEORGE SOROS IS FULLY ANTI-GUN AND ANTI-CONSERVATIVE AND ANTI-EUROPEAN HERITAGE  AND ANTI-WHITE RACE . GEORGE SOROS IS A FULLY EVIL MEGALOMANIAC AND HE IS ANTI-AMERICANA AND ANTI-FREEDOM AND ANTI-MASCULINITY AND PRO-GENOCIDE OF UNBORN BABIES [Even if it’s a day before the baby is schedule to come out] .. GEORGE SOROS IS ANTI-BORDERS AND ANTI-DONALD TRUMP. George Soros is terribly evil. YOU GET MY POINT.  Soros truly hates Trump because TRUMP IS A COURAGEOUS PATRIOT WHO LOVES GOD. Soros is a devil incarnate and TRUMP is a MAN SENT BY GOD TO HELP SAVE AMERICA FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Soros is a slime-bag, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian madman. Trump is a brave patriot who is on a very, very, very vital mission — deployed by GOD Almighty, JESUS CHRIST Himself. Make no mistakes folk, TRUMP is a GODSENT. Trump is here to restore the REPUBLIC and to STOP AMERICA FROM GOING DOWN THIS SATANIC/SECULAR ROAD That Is One Way Ticket To Immorality And The Breakdown Of WESTERN Civilization. Trump is not a saint, Trump is nowhere near close to being a perfect man and Trump is far from being a perfect Christian, but Trump has a truly great heart and he truly means well. Trump may not be perfect and may be a sinner, sometimes a very vulgar sinner sadly, but Trump’s heart is in the right place and the kind things that he’s done throughout his entire life EASILY OUTWEIGHS the few, tiny sins he’s committed along the way. LIKE I SAID, Trump is not the role model for Christians. Trump is not close to being a perfect CHRISTIAN. But TRUMP knows GOD and talks to GOD and KNOWS GOD SENT HIM to fix America and stop America from going to hell in a handbasket. TRUMP knows he was sent by GOD to restore the Republic and bring back AMERICA to it’s pure and organic CHRISTIAN VALUES that made this country great [therefore it’s the only thing that will keep this country great and strong and alive]. TRUMP knows that he is not a perfect man and he knows he is a sinner. But TRUMP is a goodhearted man with the heart of a lion and soul of a warrior. And he is truly a warrior deployed by GOD to fight the evil, Satanic, secular, globalist, technocracy takeover. And TRUMP knows he has been placed here in this moment in time to GO UP AGAINST THE DEMONS and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT to RESTORE AMERICA TO IT’S CHRISTIAN ROOTS SO THAT THE USA CAN REMAIN GREAT, SAFE, AND THRIVING and so that the WORLD can then become more safe and less Satanic. GOD has sent imperfect men before to do His bidding. God has sent many flawed people before to COMPLETE GOD’s IMPORTANT MISSIONS. Why does GOD pick flawed people and not very devout saints? Why does GOD choose imperfect men instead of choosing extremely devout and dedicated Christians? Well, that’s a good question — but it’s because GOD knows the special traits that the flawed man possesses and GOD knows those traits are needed to complete his mission. TRUMP is frugal, hardnosed, strategic, naturally instinctive, naturally observant, naturally intelligent, naturally aggressive towards his goals, and naturally hardheaded and bullheaded who NEVER GIVES UP no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem. And that’s why GOD has anointed and appointed TRUMP to lead the USA. TRUMP’s biggest trials — I believe we’ve seen throughout the campaign when he went through a public torture [where his friends turned on him, business partners abandoned him, had his name disparaged, had his statements misrepresented and grotesquely distorted]. NOT MANY PEOPLE could take that pressue that TRUMP took during the campaign. MOST PEOPLE WOULD BREAK DOWN or QUIT or LOSE HOPE or LOSE FAITH. But TRUMP,despite the fact he is not a saint, IS A GOOD-NATURED AND WARMHEARTED MAN — but a VERY TOUGH MAN who knows GOD and talks to GOD and understands that if he weathers the storm and keeps fighting, even though he is in RED ALERT DANGER [along with his friends and family], he will eventually fully complete GOD’s MISSION that he was meant to do. TRUMP knows if he continues to fight fearlessly and if he continues to stay in touch with GOD, he will fulfill what GOD has set him out to fulfill and TRUMP knows he’ll RESTORE THE REPUBLIC and SAVE THE USA and ultimately save the globe from going to a demonic dark age of enslavement [in which humans will be mass-murdered and enslaved by the Satanic NEW WORLD ORDER]. Soros is just one of the biggest demons on the planet and TRUMP has to continue to fight him. SOROS MAY BE A BIG, UGLY DEMON but WHEN UP AGAINST A TRUE PATRIOT WITH PROVIDENCE ON HIS SIDE [Donald John Trump], SOROS WILL COWER IN FEAR AND THE DEMON WILL BE EXPOSED FOR THE COWARD HE TRULY IS. Soros is an evil coward who sits in his mansions and on his yachts and sadistically plans his next attack and sadistically ponders how much money he should input into his next concoction of violent protests. TRUMP is truly a man who has sat back his entire life and studied the internal affairs of celebrities in the Illuminati Satanic cults and Trump has sat back and witnessed what big corporate media outlets do and how they are apart of the liberal propaganda, pro-globalism brainwashing [like NBC, who he used to work for when he did THE APPRENTICE]. Trump has sat back and has seen and has been friends with the A-LIST CELEBRITIES who have literally sold their soul to the DEVIL just for money, fame, and worldly things that ULTIMATELY DO NOT MATTER once your life concludes here on earth. TRUMP has studied the NEW WORLD ORDER and their plan for global government and their evil operations and TRUMP knows the false flags and TRUMP knows the US government is high-jacked by globalist corporations and NEW WORLD ORDER overlords who funded RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and CREATED ISIS and DESTABILIZED THE MIDDLE EAST to cause the refugee program. TRUMP knows that the CHRISTIAN REFUGEES have been killed off and the globalists only allow the MUSLIM REFUGEES TO COME IN so that they can take out their anger against the western world for destabilizing their homeland [even though the western world did not destroy their homeland, but the evil NWO masters who high-jacked the western world’s governments did]. TRUMP KNOWS THE FULL GAMEPLAN and HE’S BEEN WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT. And GOD told him to go for it and TRUMP has went in 110% and THEN SOME. TRUMP barely sleeps, maybe 4 hours if he’s lucky. HE’S ALWAYS BEEN A WORKHORSE but he’s TRULY BEEN WORKING LIKE CRAZY TO TRY AND STOP THIS COUNTRY FROM GOING TO HELL. TRUMP talks to GOD, TRUMP has the HOLY GHOST with him, TRUMP has many great CHRISTIAN PASTORS who are more devout than he is — that are there to help TRUMP SPIRITUALLY GROW EVEN STRONGER THAN HE ALREADY NATURALLY IS so that TRUMP can be renewed and not fully wore down or tempted the DEMONS and the SINS that temp all humans. TRUMP is not a perfect man. But TRUMP is a real man. He’s a charitable man. He is a man who gives back to people. He’s a man that takes care of people. He’s a man that empowers people and motivates people and helps people. Trump is one of the top businessmen in the world and successful men and women would come to him and ask him to talk to their child who is drugged up. Many people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth get out of control and Trump has actually helped those people. Trump is always asked how he raised his children to be so successful, and classy, and drug-free, and alcohol-free, and respectful — when it’s seemingly impossible due to TRUMP’s stature, fame, and wealth. TRUMP is just a man who cares and he’s a real man who loves his family. Trump takes care of people. TRUMP helps people, even if they are strangers. TRUMP is truly a good Samaritan. YES, Trump is globally-known and massively-successful. YES, Trump is an A-LISTER and always has been. But TRUMP is a rarity when it comes to his A-LIST STATUS. Most of the celebs that are A-LIST, and most celebs in general, have totally sold out and are liberals/progressives/Marxists and secretly in demonic/Satanic/Luciferian cults. TRUMP is one of the rarities who is an A-LISTER but is not into that demonic sh*t. BECAUSE TRUMP HAS ALWAYS STAYED TRUE TO HIMSELF. So Trump has studied the enemy his whole life, he knows the insiders and that is why so many people have turned on him because he DIDN’T DEFECT FROM THE NWO because TRUMP WAS NEVER IN THE NWO .. but because TRUMP finally EXPOSED THE EVIL NWO. TRUMP had to wait and wait and wait. TRUMP nearly ran a few times and then he finally had enough. He saw ISIS being openly funded and by our government and he saw the IRAN NUKE DEAL where our government openly gives BILLIONS ON BILLIONS ON BILLIONS ON BILLIONS ON BILLIONS ON BILLIONS to the #1 SPONSOR OF TERRORISM, IRAN. And TRUMP knew that some American citizens would not understand that our government has been high-jacked be evil when he came out to run for the PRESIDENCY. TRUMP knew there are just some people who are too brainwashed by liberal media propaganda. But thankfully, many AMERICANS know what’s going on. EITHER BECAUSE THEY HAD A HUNCH or BECAUSE THEY FULLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT TRUMP WAS EXPOSING AND SAYING THROUGHOUT THE CAMPAIGN. Many Americans were awoken to the media being a full-fledged liberal/globalist propaganda force during TRUMP’s campaign. So TRUMP awoke many Americans to the true state of peril that our country was in and many Americans already knew this. Not the majority of Americans knew, but a good chunk of the public were awoke. AND THEN IT WAS NOT JUST TRUMP that came out and took on the globalist/Islamist/Satanic/New World Order head-on but WikiLeaks and Assange helped expose it. And patriots like GENERAL FLYNN of the U.S. ARMY began exposing it back when he worked under Obama — which caused Obama to axe him. And of course Alex Jones has been on the frontlines of the fight against the globalists for so long, it’s incredible. And like Alex Jones has said, TRUMP has known about the globalist government plan nearly his entire life — but he had to wait for the right time or else the public would not understand. So TRUMP studied and waited and then BAM! Trump’s golden instincts told him to run and he did, and GOD reassured him and also told him to go. YES, TRUMP KNEW IT WOULD BE A HELLACIOUS FIGHT. Trump has talked about how he said he took a deep breath before he began the journey by stepping onto the escalator .. Trump knew he was going to endanger himself severely. Trump knew he was going to be publicly persecuted and openly tortured and berated and betrayed. Trump knew he was stepping into the LION’S DEN. But Trump knew GOD and kept his faith. YES, TRUMP is NOT a perfect man nor is he a saint — but TRUMP is truly a good man who means well and is a caring man. TRUMP is a strong man, a man’s man, a true maverick, independent mind, a patriotic American and an American patriot. Trump is just about as ‘alpha’ as you can get, Trump acts like real men naturally act. All men could basically act like him [well all men could act somewhat like him from a natural/primal male standpoint] if they were not brainwashed by the media [which demonizes masculinity and demonizes men’s natural instincts]. So TRUMP is a tough guy with a bullheaded approach to his goals. Trump is a fearless man, he knows he is subject to being killed at any moment due to the globalist New World Order slowly crumbling — due in large part to TRUMP’s campaign. Despite TRUMP being tough, fearless, brave, successful, globally-known, globally-renowned, and respected .. TRUMP is also a kind man with a good heart and a pure soul. And TRUMP is not perfect and he is not a saint, but TRUMP talks to GOD… And just like GEORGE WASHINGTON had PROVIDENCE in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION, TRUMP has PROVIDENCE right now in this ANIMATED FIGHT FOR HUMAN LIBERTY in the OVERTIME DEATHBATTLE for the FUTURE OF THE U.S.A. and the FUTURE OF THIS WONDERFULLY-CREATED, BEAUTIFUL PLANET of EARTH [which was created by the divine and loving creator GOD]. So yes, TRUMP still goes up against the SATANIC CULT that is LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD. Trump still has to fight the zombies who are brainwashed and protest and riot and want to kill him and attack his supporters. Trump still has to fight the neoconservatives in his own party who are totally owned by globalist companies and NWO puppet-masters. Trump has to fight those neoconservatives who want to continue to empower radical Islamic jihadists and continue to commit mass genocide against Middle Eastern Christians until there are none left. Trump has to keep fighting those neoconservatives in his own party that are undercover globalists/pro-open borders/anti-Christian/anti-Judeo~Christian values/anti-guns/pro-Muslim/pro-war and anti-peace. TRUMP knows the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS are really just undercover liberal NWO Democrats that want to TAKE OUT THE LAST NATION STANDING WITH BORDERS, JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES, FAMILY VALUES, and a GOVERNMENT THAT IS PURELY PATRIOTIC AND PRO-NATIONALIST AND PRO-RUSSIA and not PRO-NEW WORLD ORDER. TRUMP knows that RUSSIA is the final frontier for the NWO. Trump knows the effeminized male leaders in the EU are jealous of the alpha male RUSSIAN PATRIOT Vladimir Putin who refuses to give in to the threats of the Satanic NWO. PUTIN refuses to back down, despite RUSSIAN PLANES being BLASTED OUT OF THE SKY BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER — despite the EU and anti-patriots in the US government and the New World Order puppet-masters and the globalist billionaires and the UN and NATO fully coming out in fierce and menacing opposition against RUSSIA [which is just trying to remain free and nationalist and is just a nation trying to retain it’s values and culture that’s been around for centuries and built upon by RUSSIAN LINEAGE for centuries]. The EU women leaders hate Putin with a passion. Because with the liberal agenda and brainwashing, the EU women leaders [besides FRANCE’s MARINE LE PEN who is a NATIONALIST PATRIOT like TRUMP is] have cucked most of EUROPE’s men, including EUROPE’s male politicians. BUT PUTIN is the one man they can’t get to give in to the SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER. PUTIN is the one alpha male remaining who REFUSES to compromise the RUSSIAN PEOPLE’S SAFETY, PROSPERITY, FREEDO, SECURITY, and FUTURE for the GLOBALIST PLAN of VIOLENCE, ISLAMISM, ENSLAVEMENT, POVERTY, DEATH, and SATANISM. Sure, PUTIN could live like a king if he gave into the NWO and PUTIN would not have to worry about being kidnapped or killed or blown out of the sky while he’s on his jet .. but PUTIN will not betray his MOTHERLAND OF RUSSIA and PUTIN REFUSES TO ABANDON NOR BETRAY THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. Just like TRUMP refuses to abandon nor betray the AMERICAN PEOPLE and AMERICAN PATRIOTS [it does not matter whether they’re patriots in the military, patriots law enforcement, or just patriotic civilians .. if you are a CONSTITUTIONALIST and PRO-NATIONALISM/ANTI-NEW WORLD ORDER and a True American Patriot, TRUMP will never abandon nor betray you as long as he is breathing air. No matter what color you are and no matter whether you’re a MAN or WOMAN. IF YOU LOVE FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AMERICANA, GOD, GUNS, GUTS, GLORY, the CONSTITUTION, the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE, the BILL OF RIGHTS and all of the legendary U.S. documents which were created to stand up against any tyrannical attacks against America .. if you love all of that, then TRUMP is with YOU. TRUMP’s with you, the AMERICAN people.] OKAY, NOW BACK TO WHAT MY PRIMARY TOPIC WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. LOL.

Soros-funded liberals were caught plotting to attack Trump fans with chemical weapons. #DisruptJ20, a radical liberal group that hates PRESIDENT TRUMP, is doing everything it can to violently riot against Trump. DISRUPT J. 20 did not stop OBAMA transferring the Presidential power to TRUMP peacefully .. but DISRUPT J. 20 did wreak havoc in D.C. and went haywire against our brave police officers. In the tweet below, take a look at what #DisruptJ20 did.

#DisruptJ20 protesters and other radical, ANTI-TRUMP liberals understand their anarchy is partly why TRUMP was elected .. but I don’t think they care. Liberals are brainwashed by the media and the cultural-Marxist/victimhood agenda. LIBERALS are mentally-ill and are against the CONSTITUTION and true freedom because they are manipulated and swindled. Therefore the liberals will keep rioting against TRUMP

.. despite TRUMP being democratically elected  with ALL OF THE ODDS STACKED AGAINST HIM, liberal rioters will keep rioting because they are overgrown, mentally-ill, crybabies who don’t know what to do when they lose.

Last night, at the wonderful DeploraBall .. radical liberals violently attacked peaceful PRO-TRUMP people who were attending the event. It’s truly sickening to see TRUMP supporters repeatedly get harassed and attacked .. and I am sick and tired of anti-Trump radicals disrupting every single damn TRUMP event.

Throughout the entirety of TRUMP’s campaign, intolerant violent thug liberals would come out and disrupt and yell and attack TRUMP supporters who were just trying to peacefully attend the TRUMP rally. Basically every one of TRUMP’s rallies, liberal protesters would show up and disrupt the eventTHE DEMOCRAT PARTY even sent their employees to start fights at TRUMP RALLIES, just to try and make TRUMP FANS look like they were the bullies. INSANITY! Truly sickening. BUT TRUMP SUPPORTERS SHOWED THEIR TOLERANCE and DID NOT PROTEST AT THE POLITICAL OPPOSITION’S RALLIES. Even though we should have, in all honesty. 




So I must say, the security and law enforcement and Secret Service and the D.C. National Guard did an absolutely fantastic job keeping the peace during the INAUGURATION OF DONALD J. TRUMP. But sadly, an hour after TRUMP swore in and OFFICIALLY BECAME THE 45th PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, radical liberals caused absolute chaotic anarchy in WASHINGTON D.C.

Police began arresting violent, wild, insane, mentally-ill, dangerous protesters that were breaking windows of a limosine [at the intersection of K and 13th streets in D.C.] .. they vandalized the limousine with “We the People” on it in gold spray paint. The people that committed the limo vandalism were caught wearing BLACK MASKS, HOODIES, and get this .. THEY WERE CARRYING HAMMERS.

Just a few minutes later, the radical, anti-Trump liberals insanely committed very, very dangerous arson — and LIT THE LIMOUSINE on FIRE . . . !

A brave reporter for THE DAILY DOT courageously stood out in the streets in the midst of the LIMOUSINES COMBUSTION.

WARNING! The video below is truly disturbing and extremely frightening. The limo totally goes up in flames. And sickeningly, the radical liberals stand around and record the fire — as they celebrate the fact they just torched a limo. ABSOLUTELY SICK! Liberals are mentally-ill! TRULY DERANGED!