Just recently, a close family friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton was thrown in jail for calling out the Secret Service and threatening to KILL TRUMP.Click this link to read my article on it: RED ALERT: Hillary Clinton Friend Threatens To KILL TRUMP .. Says He’s “Following Orders”

It’s not a shock that a Hillary friend is threatening to murder Trump .. as we all know Bill and Hillary are coldblooded killers.

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But what is truly shocking? The fact the entire establishment, corporate, mainstream media is ignoring this bombshell story. Okay, maybe it isn’t ‘shocking’ because the media has been on the side of the Clintons for years — but still .. what if Trump had a close friend threaten to kill Hillary? The media would be lashing out every second, demanding Trump disavow. This just is another example of the liberal media bias. Read this report from the amazing site ClashDaily w/ Doug Giles below.


It’s probably just a weird coincidence that they’ve had a friendly relationship for more than a decade.

Dominic Puopolo Jr. was arrested for posting a video on social media threatening to kill the President-Elect.

Members of the Puopolo family have been very generous donors to Democrats over the years.

Puopolo’s mother and sister, however, were quite close with the Clintons.

The suspect’s mother, Sonia Puopolo, was one of the Americans killed on 9/11. She was one of the 92 passengers on American Airlines flight 111 and she was just two seats away from terrorist Mohammed Atta. The plane crashed into the World Trade Center north tower.

Miraculously, her wedding ring was recovered amid the mountains of debris.

Hillary even spoke at Sonia Puopolo’s funeral and sat two seats away from Dominic Jr.


There are a number of photos showing the Clintons and Puopolos together.


The Clintons with Dominic Sr. and Sonia Puopolo

puopolo-and-billBill Clinton with the suspect’s mother Sonia and sister, named Sonia Tita

sonia-puopolo-and-hillary[Read the rest of the tremendous ClashDaily report here.]

Read more in-depth about this crazy incident here or here. Tell me what are your thoughts? It’s truly sickening that the liberal media is ignoring this!

Well the liberal media will continue to ignore this EXPLOSIVE, BOMBSHELL, INSANE, OVER-THE-TOP story about Hillary’s close friend threatening to MURDER the incoming President Donald Trump .. but it is not a surprise because CNN is actually inciting an assassination attempt against Trump. They truly want it to happen. CNN is sick!

CNN is truly going ‘down the tubes’ .. They are being pressed with charges for racially-discriminating against black employees .. they just got exposed for knowingly posting a fake story about Trump and ‘Golden Showers’ .. CNN’s owner company got into some big-time trouble when their stocks plummeted .. CNN’s ratings are flailing lower and lower and lower since the election ended..

As Trump noted, CNN’s ratings are going down the tubes extremely fast! Ever since the ending of the election, CNN has been flailing worse than they already were.

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Trump owned them in the press conference .. CNN just got exposed running FAKE NEWS again, this time against Trump’s HHS nominee Tom Price .. CNN’s hit-piece against Price just got exposed as a lie!

a white CNN pundit used the ‘n-word’ ..

.. a black CNN pundit mocked the white man who got brutally beat down by a racist, anti-Trump black gang ..a CNN reporter laughed at the white, disabled kid who got tortured by 4 black, racist, anti-Trump people .. wow, CNN is truly in deep trouble. THEY ARE A JOKE. Honestly, it isn’t surprising to see a CNN host find torture hilarious .. because Hillary thinks radical Islamic terrorists throwing gays off buildings is hilarious.

Also, Hillary thinks it is unbelievably funny that she got a pedophile/rapist out of prison. Yeah, Hillary got a pedo/rapist out of serving life in prison — the pedo/rapist she got out of serving prison time PUT HIS LITTLE VICTIM INTO A COMA. And Hillary laughed about it. She is sick. No wonder her and CNN get along greatly.

..it just goes on and on with CNN. They are horrible. They got busted faking a debate guest panel.

a CNN pundit called Trump-supporting black people ‘MEDIOCRE NEGROS’ .. they falsely claimed that they have high credibility ratings [could not be further from the truth] .. and now CNN is truly desperate as they have now promoted and called for the assassination of Donald J. Trump before he is inaugurated tomorrow. CNN is truly a massive failure and total joke.

Heck, I’m starting to feel bad for them .. NOT! I think it is hilariously funny and funnily hilarious that that we are five years removed from CNN’s 20 year low ratings and yet here we are today .. no improvement .. CNN’s ratings are still stuck at the bottom of the barrel. No surprise. CNN sucks!

So it is truly no wonder that CNN is ignoring the assassination threat made against Trump by a very close friend of Hillary’s .. because CNN sadistically fantasizes about a Trump assassination. I hope the Secret Service investigates CNN after this. Wouldn’t be surprised if CNN was the one who tried to kill Trump’s friend Roger Stone.