Illegal aliens have imported big amounts of additional crime. Not all illegal aliens are bad people, but too many of them are — therefore we must only allow legal immigration only. It’s just commonsense.

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Now that Trump is set to become the 45th US President tomorrow, illegal aliens from Mexico and other Hispanic countries south of the border are surging illegally into the US while they still have time .. because they know that a big, fat, beautiful, glorious, tall, wide, powerful, towering TRUMP WALL is going to be slapped down on the US-Mexico border extremely soon.

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[Also, Mexico is going to pay for the beautiful TRUMP WALL.]

According to this report, illegal aliens are racing to reach the US border before Trump takes control of the Oval Office tomorrow. The illegals are trying to outlast the desert heat while dodging border patrol agents’ drones floating overhead [which should not be too hard to dodge since Obama has insanely ordered border security agents to stand down]. Throughout the intense dryness and flaming heat of the desert, illegals are flooding in mass amounts to make it to the US border before Trump is INAUGURATED AS THE 45TH POTUS TOMORROW. Because the illegals know Trump will quickly, sharply, toughly, astutely, fully, completely seal the border off from ILLEGAL ALIENS!

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The border patrol agents are very enthusiastic about President Trump taking over tomorrow. Why? Because Trump’s strong, unwavering, staunch stance against illegal immigration.

Despite the many rabid gangs running wild in Mexico [many of the extremely dangerous gang-members flood across Obama’s open borders, along with Islamic jihadists] and with the poisonous snakes throughout the desert, the illegals have some dangers to deal with — but their biggest fear is not the gangs nor the snakes .. it’s the 45th POTUS Donald J. Trump! GOOD! LEGAL IMMIGRANTS ONLY. No Illegals Allowed .. Ever!


Illegals have been treated greatly by Obama, but Trump will stop all of the nonsense.

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Many illegals are hopping aboard a freight train to get up to the border. Once they make it there they try to devise a plan to somehow sneak into the US without getting caught by border patrol agents. Under Obama, border patrol agents have sometimes been commanded to stand down .. but once Trump is POTUS, starting tomorrow, the TRUMP WALL project will get underway and our border patrol agents will be on fulltime alert, locked and loaded to stop-and-drop any illegals trying to penetrate the border.

As you see in the tweet above, Trump’s VP/bestfriend Mike Pence is ready to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION lock, stock, & barrel.

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According to this report, in the Mexican town of Caborca — just around 197 miles away from the border, a group of Hondurans sat out by a fire of trash in the early morning cold just recently.


They are doing all that they can to make it to the border before PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP fully locks down the border and puts an end to illegals trespassing into the US.

Yes, you will see liberal media outlets and liberal pundits and liberals [in general] say that so many illegal immigrants are poor children and harmless families looking for ‘the land of opportunity’ and blah-blah-blah .. the liberals will feed you all of that ‘horse-manure’ just to try and get you to feel bad for them. Well no. You should not feel bad for them. Instead feel bad for the US citizens who have lost friends and family due to illegal aliens — that trespassed into the US due to Obama’s open border policy.

[watch the video below to hear all about how Obama released an illegal alien — that later killed a young, beautiful woman who just graduated college. 15 hours after Sarah Root got her Bachelors Degree, an illegal alien killed her. Sarah Root’s life will not be forgotten. The family of Sarah Root will attend the Inauguration tomorrow.]

[skip to 2 minutes 36 seconds in the video below, to hear Trump speak about stopping illegal immigration .. this was back near the very beginning of his historic campaign .. this was back in July of 2015]

According to the report, a 48-year-old Honduran man said “When I saw that man [Trump] on the television saying how he hated migrants and was going to build a wall, I thought: ‘It’s now or never,” .. now of course this Honduran man totally misrepresented what Trump said.

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Just like the liberal media, he distorted Trump’s statement. Trump has clearly stated, repeatedly, that he wants to stop illegal immigrants due to the fact it’s a total violation of federal law .. due to the fact it is unconstitutional .. due to the fact it wrecks our economy .. due to the fact some illegals bring drugs and crime .. due to the fact that illegals steal US citizens’ jobs .. due to the fact that some illegals kill US citizens .. etc. Trump is not against ‘migrants’ .. He is all for allowing ‘migrants’ to immigrate but only if they immigrate legally.

Due to selfish illegal aliens flooding across the Obama open border, many people who are on the waiting list to legally immigrate into the US — have to wait EVEN LONGER. Trump wants immigrants [or ‘migrants’] to come in, but only LEGALLY. No more illegal aliens. PERIOD.

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The 48-year-old Honduran man continued to talk, according to the report, and he said “So we all spent Christmas and New Year traveling to try to get here in time. We want to beat him to it.” That statement is about how he is trying to illegally cross the border before Trump is inaugurated and [or] seals the border.

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Thankfully, Mexican authorities are helping out our brave US border patrol agents. Mexican law enforcement and border patrol officials are arresting thousands upon thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of illegal aliens each month. Of course the report referred to illegal aliens as ‘undocumented immigrants’ .. just another way that the liberals soften the label of lawbreakers who selfishly jeopardize the US national security by crossing into the US, illegally. Oh, and if you want to call illegal aliens ‘undocumented’ then if you ever come for my guns [I’m talking to you anti-2nd Amendment liberal Democrats], then my guns won’t be illegal…

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Mexican authorities in the northern part of the country are calling for extra resources and backups to help contain the surge of illegal aliens. This just shows you how many illegal aliens are trying to trespass into the US before Trump secures out border for good. Read the full report here .. but beware, it is filled with severe amounts of liberal propaganda/pro-illegal aliens propaganda.