Many anti-Trump liberals radically and violently protested last night. And apparently, a youngster got involved in it also. And he is not a fan of the 45th POTUS Donald Trump.

As you guessed, this is getting a lot of attention. This just shows you how bad of shape we are in as a nation. I mean with the age of technology and social media, which is proven to have a negative impact on many young people [especially lonely teens] it’s no wonder that such a staggering number of teenagers attempt to kill themselves at this day and age. .. and with liberal agendas radically demonizing white males for being white and demonizing men for acting like a natural, healthy, red-blooded, normal, when it comes making love to a woman. I mean men are truly the gender with the war being waged on. It’s a repeated assault by liberal propaganda to force men into their figurative shell and let anybody push them around. I mean just look at President Trump. He was lied about and bullied by the liberal media for over a year and a half. He couldn’t wipe his ass without NBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS getting on the television and criticizing him for using 2-ply. I MEAN TRUMP WAS TAKEN TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE BY THE MEDIA AND BY THE HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL BULLIES .. And TRUMP WALKED THROUGH THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE AND CAME OUT ALIVE LIKE THE TRUE LEADER HE IS. 

I mean some people are actually trying to emasculate themselves because they are so weak-minded that liberals have brainwashed them to think it is bad to be a natural male. It is not a shameful thing to be a natural woman, feminine. And there’s nothing wrong with acting like a natural man, masculine. Be alive, be animated, break through the matrix. Don’t let stupid cultural-Marxists shame you into submission. Okay, I am done now. Lol. As of lately, it’s truly become more and more apparent .. with the cultural-Marxist enthusiasts swarming Europe and European men cuckolding themselves and just allowing their homeland of Europe to be handed over to Muslims from 3rd world countries who are Sharia Law enthusiasts, rapists, ISIS supporters, and some are even radical Muslim terrorists. And yet European men, a big chunk of the European ‘men’, are just letting the historically Christian countries in Europe be handed over to Muslims who set up NO GO ZONES, harass women, rape women, spit on women, attack, do crimes, shoot fireworks at people, rape little children, come to their country and leech off of the working European man’s tax dollars while the Muslims stay home in their government home, paid for by the cuckolded white European man. I mean, the amount of Muslim migrants who have actually gotten a job in Germany is like 2 or 3 percent out over a million. Think about that. And yet these Muslim migrants are causing problems like crazy and raping women at a very high rate. It’s gotten so bad in Germany that the German police issued out a public warning to women to wear sneakers in public just in case a Muslim rapist tries to grab you — so you can attempt to run off. I am not joking. I MEAN I COULD GO THROUGH THAT ENTIRE PARAGRAPH THAT I TYPED AND LINK YOU TO SO MANY VALIDATED ARTICLES PROVING WHAT I AM SAYING TO BE TRUE. But just Google it yourself and you will see! But anyway, with the USA allowing it’s Judeo-Christian culture be slowly eroded by this newly-found secular movement to convert the USA to a more liberal/progressive country. Despite the fact Muslim countries with Islamic cultures are still MUSLIM COUNTRIES WITH ISLAMIC CULTURES, Europe with a Christian heritage and the US with a  Christian heritage are just allowing their culture to be wiped away. Sad! Secularism, liberalism, transgenderism, arguably homosexual marriage, the attempt to normalize pedophilia, etc. We are truly in a moral decay, in the USA. I just rambled but I think you get what I mean. I mean just look at kids back in the 70s and 80s and decades before .. their role models were US military soldiers and police officers an Superman .. and now kids look up to thug rappers who brag about selling narcotics and lethal drugs and killing people for fun and sagging pants and doing evil crimes. And kids look up to that these days. I mean just look around, America is in trouble and you can tell after seeing how that little child had the audacity to light a fire in the street and talk with such DISTASTEFUL LANGUAGE on national television.

Folks, don’t make anyone shame you for being proud of your heritage, or lineage, or culture, or family tree, or religion, or ethnicity, especially if you are white — you’re the skin color being WRONGFULLY demonized the most FOR NO REASON. So just don’t let radical liberal fascist Marxists trick you into being mentally-ill SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS like them. Remember the same people who lecture you on the myth called ‘white male privilege’ and all of that other nonsense — are the same people who really oddly demonize Trump while praising the brutal killer communist dictator Fidel Castro.