What a difference a little over a year can make! Back during the early onset of Trump’s Presidential campaign, he was threatened by Mexican drug lord EL CHAPO .. El Chapo claimed he was going to KILL TRUMP. Well now, just as Trump gets ready to OFFICIALLY BECOME THE 45th President of the USA — El Chapo is now extradited to the US. So El Chapo threatened Trump over a year ago, and now El Chapo is in Trump’s hands .. I mean El Chapo is in PRESIDENT TRUMP’s hands!

The Mexican government has proven how terrible they are at keeping El Chapo imprisoned. So this is obviously a tremendous idea to extradite him from Mexico. Here in the US, under a TRUMP PRESIDENCY, El Chapo will never see the light of day again. TRUMP has full support from law enforcement officials nationwide .. It’s been well documented that basically all of Chicago’s police officers are staunch supporters of PRESIDENT TRUMP.. and that’s because TRUMP supports and respects our brave policemen and policewomen.

TRUMP is the ‘Law & Order Candidate’ .. Trump and his VP Pence will always back the men and women on the ‘THIN BLUE LINE’ .. One of the times where VP Mike Pence really summarizes up his friend President Trump’s support for the police the best, is this time right here. Skip to the 21 minutes 50 seconds segment of the video to hear what VICE PRESIDENT PENCE has to say about his friend PRESIDENT TRUMP’s support for law enforcement.


Therefore, with PRESIDENT TRUMP, VP PENCE, and the entire TRUMP ADMINISTRATION — it’s very clear that El Chapo will face everything he can possibly be charged with .. for all of the evil he has committed. El Chapo is a murderer, criminal, supporter of the slaying of Christians .. and let’s be honest people .. El Chapo is a total Pablo Escobar-wannabe. El Chapo is a poor man’s Pablo E! The info we know right now is that El Chapo will be tried in a court very, very, very soon. And apparently El Chapo will face trial in New York.


Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, is being extradited to the United States. From the Associated Press:

Two senior U.S. officials confirmed that Guzman was on his way.

One said the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration took custody of Guzman in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, and a plane carrying him departed for New York at 5:31 p.m. Eastern time.

CNN reports charges were filed against Guzman in New York in 2009 for allegedly importing, “more than 264,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States between 1990 and 2005.” Guzman also faces charges in Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire and Texas.

Earlier this week Guzman was in the news when his lawyer relayed complaints that a guard at the prison where he was being held in Mexico was sexually harassing him. From the Daily Mail:

Silvia Delgado said that Guzman is ‘uncomfortable’ with the way he’s being treated and told her: ‘There is a security guard that handles me instead of only touching me’

Delgado has asked for better cell conditions for the former Sinaloa drug cartel leader in the maximum-security prison in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua where he is currently being held.

That makes it sound as if he was looking for new accommodations, but wasn’t expecting this extradition move to America.

Guzman has escaped from jail several times in his long criminal career.


It is very, very, very interesting — but perhaps more so, EXTREMELY COINCIDENTAL — that El Chapo [big-time Trump hater] is being moved to a US prison on the night before Trump is officially inaugurated as the 45th POTUS. The New York Post reported that the Mexican government did not want President Trump handling the extradition of El Chapo. Which is, in my opinion, quite odd.

Here’s a little rundown on the feud that EL CHAPO and US PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP had:

  • In June 2015, TRUMP announced he was running for President. The very next month, July 2015, El Chapo managed to escape from prison.
  • The liberal media took TRUMP’s stance against illegal immigration and completely distorted it into a-whole-nother dimension. TRUMP would say we need to BUILD A WALL so illegal aliens can’t trespass into the US and the big-time corporate media outlets would claim Trump said ‘we need to deport all Mexicans and keep Mexicans out with a wall.’ Due to the unbelievably dishonest coverage that TRUMP got from the liberally-biased, pro-Hillary, Clinton-colluding, corporate, corrupt, mainstream media — many people were brainwashed and are still brainwashed into believing that Trump hates Mexicans ..

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  • The Trump campaign never issued a statement out about the threat and the Drug Enforcement Administration did not make it publicly known if the threat was an actual threat made by El Chapo.

The Trump-Chapo feud just totally blew up with the tweet made by an account called ‘@Elchap0guzman’ .. This feud really just blew up with that tweet, back in July of 2015.

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InfoWars uploaded a good report on the purported El Chapo threat.

FOX NEWS REPORT (from October 2015):

The Trump-Chapo feud took off after the candidate’s explosive comments in a Twitter account called @Elchap0guzman. The tweet in Spanish read, “Keep f—ing around, and I’ll make you swallow all your words,” along with more colorful language. It ended with Trump’s official Twitter handle (@realDonaldTrump).

Trump responded with a tweet of his own, saying “I told you so!”

A Trump employee told the Gossip Cop website, which was the first to break the threat news, “This is no joke,” noting that the staff of the real estate mogul and television personality had been in touch with the FBI and that the threat is being taken “quite seriously.”

Trump has sought to reassure his supporters that he has security watching him for any threats, a claim backed up by Kerik in his recent interview.

“He has an extensive security team around him, highly qualified — and they’re going to make sure that he gets through this campaign and does what he has to do, but there’s still a need for concern always,” Kerik said.


Well, after El Chapo escaped prison for the 2nd time [in Mexico], TRUMP let his thoughts be known. TRUMP seemed to believe that there was some internal corruption with Mexican law enforcement. TRUMP strongly implied, and basically said, that some Mexican authorities accepted a big, nice, fat sum of cash to free El Chapo.

“Corrupt Mexican officials obviously let him (Guzman) go a second time. The last time he was free for 13 years. He has been selling drugs in the US big time – a major kingpin.

He is possibly in the US and his drugs and drug dealers freely cross into the United States through our pathetic border. This is just one example of the many instances of Mexico taking advantage of the United States.

They take our country’s money but leave the tremendous crime, much of which is a result of the rampant drug trafficking.”

-Donald Trump

After El Chapo purportedly dropped a $100 million dollar bounty on DONALD TRUMP’s head, a former commissioner of the NYPD told TRUMP not to take the threat lightly. And TRUMP did not take the threat lightly, as he beefed up his security.

Even though he got more protection, just in case, TRUMP refused to back down to the slime-bag/bully/murderer/demon-in-the-flesh El Chapo. TRUMP made it loud and clear that he could easily take down El Chapo.

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TRUMP tweeted at him and let him know he fears no one!

Back in his younger days, Trump was an all-star athlete in school. The Daily Caller reported that classmates of Trump said that he [Trump] was a ‘great athlete’ and ‘a brawler’ in high school. It is confirmed that one time Trump fought off a weapon-toting thug to save a man’s life in downtown NYC. Trump is a good Samaritan so he tried to keep the story from getting out, but it eventually became known due to the high-profile man he is.

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[read more about this intriguing story here]

It’s safe to say Trump is not one you want to mess with!

Image result for you see that look on trump's face in the midst of what could be life threateningBack when Trump seemed to have come eye-to-eye with a gunman, Trump just smiled and stayed calm.

Image result for you see that look on trump's face in the midst of what could be life threateningAnd after the purported threat, Trump came right back out just a few minutes later to finish the HIGH-ENERGY speech!

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The same account that placed a purported $100 million dollar bounty on Trump’s head, also had a reaction when Trump won on Nov. 8th! Click here to see what the account, claiming to be El Chapo, said.

Well now, El Chapo ISN’T SO TOUGH ANYMORE. El Chapo is apparently afraid of PRESIDENT TRUMP .. El Chapo did everything he could do and practically pleaded that Mexico would not extradite him to the UNITED STATES .. El Chapo did not want to be extradited because he doesn’t believe he will get a ‘fair trial’ under a PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

Don’t worry, little El Chapo .. TRUMP has got bigger fish to fry than you. Just enjoy yourself in solitary confinement, Chapo. Have fun!