Soros-funded, radical, liberal, protesters plan to violently disrupt the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump later today. The liberal protesters were busted plotting to use chemical gases against peaceful Trump supporters. Police apparently have investigated — or are currently still investigating that video. Well despite the Trump fans peacefully minding their own business, in their own building, doing their own thing, at their own party .. liberal protesters decided to show up and try to wreck the place. But LAW ENFORCEMENT RIOT UNITS were deployed and other police officers kept the peace to the best of their ability.

As PRO-TRUMP PEOPLE arrived to The DeploraBall, fascist left-wing nitwits berated them and got up in their grill. Things looked like it got ugly!

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So these pro-Hillary, brainwashed, liberal zombies said that Trump is a threat to democracy and blah-blah-blah .. but yet they’re protesting democracy.

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They are not just protesting democracy, they are VIOLENTLY OPPOSING THE OUTCOME OF A DEMOCRATICALLY CONDUCTED CONTEST TO DECIPHER THE NEXT LEADER OF THE COUNTRY. The radical liberals of #DisruptJ20 are openly calling for utter anarchy and want to prevent the peaceful transition of power from happening.

So when these anarchists/liberals showed up to try and attack pro-Trump people at The DeploraBall, police did not allow it. If the liberals held their own inaugural ball and pro-Trump people tried to disrupt it — the police would protect the liberals’ inaugural ball .. it’s not a matter of political preference, it’s a matter of human decency. And liberals have none.


Protesters have clashed with police outside a Donald Trump rally in Washington DC.

Tens of thousands of people are prepared to take to the streets to oppose his presidency ahead of today’s inauguration.

Footage posted on social media appeared to show police use pepper spray to disperse the protesters while smoke was also seen filling the street.

Police announced later that a man had been charged with conspiracy to commit an assault.

The clashes came as tens of thousands of people prepare to stage protests in cities around the world on Friday when Trump will be sworn in as the 45th US president


Police spray gas on protesters as they demand protestors vacate the sidewalk outside of the National Press Building ahead of the presidential inauguration, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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Tomorrow, up to 900,000 people AT LEAST are expected to show up to watch TRUMP officially become the 45th POTUS as he swears in on the Holy Bible at the U.S. Capitol. Law enforcement officials are worried that there will be countless violent clashes between liberal agitators and pro-Trump bystanders. #DisruptJ20 is openly against the peaceful Presidential transition of power, and they are openly planning on doing anything and everything they can to ruin the Inauguration.

Despite the liberal celebrities being crybabies and trying to damper the mood of us DEPLORABLES, and despite the liberals/bullies/anti-Trump protesters violently attacking and planning on doing anything they can to sadistically ruin the INAUGURATION for us, we are still standing strong and PRESIDENT TRUMP is still optimistic. Check out these two tweets he posted a few hours ago.

Vice President Pence also tweeted a message out to America a few hours ago.

Bikers For Trump, a large association filled with a multitude of biker coalitions that support Trump, are showing up to the Inauguration to celebrate Trump becoming the 45th POTUS. But they did say if any agitators try to pick a fight, they will defend themselves and others. One thing the Bikers For Trump have a plan to do if push comes to shove is joining together and creating a ‘WALL OF MEAT’ !

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There is some concern about the D.C. National Guard top commander being let go at noon, right around the time Trump officially becomes President. Media outlets have falsely accused Trump of firing him .. but it seems as if the evidence leads to the Obama administration. As if Obama wants to disrupt the safety of the event as much as he can. Hmmm…


Outgoing homeland security secretary Jeh Johnson said 28,000 officials will be involved in the security operation in Washington, including more than 3,000 police officers and 5,000 members of the National Guard.

He told MSNBC: ‘The concern is some of these groups are pro-Trump, some of them are con-Trump, and they may not play well together in the same space.’

Many liberal celebrities are protesting TRUMP’s PRESIDENCY already .. and they will do it again later today when Trump swears in on the Holy Bible. It’s like the LIBERAL CELEBRITIES don’t understand that we do not give a f**k what they think about DONALD TRUMP.

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We like TRUMP because he is a pro-Americana, proudly patriotic, nationalist, populist champion, and voice of the people .. TRUMP is the voice of the American people against the big-wig establishment tyrannically running around in D.C. And TRUMP is going to fix the problems for the AMERICAN PEOPLE [or as Hillary would call us ‘DEPLORABLES’]

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Some of the libtard celebs that protested earlier today are these doofuses:

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