Edward Snowden leaked highly-sensitive governmental info to expose the fact that President Obama’s administration were tyrannically spying on US citizens. Snowden leaked the info in 2013.

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[Obama apparently got busted spying on one of our great allies, Japan, as well.]

Ever since Snowden exposed Obama’s tyrannical spying in 2013, he’s been hiding out in Russia to escape serious prosecution in the US. Russia President Vladimir Putin has spoken glowingly about Snowden for exposing Obama.

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Snowden, who leaked a trove of documents about NSA mass surveillance programs in 2013, was granted asylum in Russia in August that year. His residency permit was due to expire this year, but on Wednesday, Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said in a statement that the permit has now been extended to 2020. Kucherena added that in 2018 Snowden will qualify to apply for Russian citizenship.

Despite Obama being busted for unconstitutionally spying on innocent US citizens [and foreign governments], he will not allow Snowden to return to the US without facing prosecution. Over a million people have signed a petition asking for Obama to let Snowden off the hook for his crimes. Technically, Snowden committed multiple crimes by leaking the sensitive info — but he did it to expose Obama and his tyrannical actions.

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It’s great to see Russia President Putin continue to stand up to President Obama. Not only is Putin protecting Snowden from Obama, but Putin has called out Obama for creating ISIS

… and as we see, Putin will not let go of Snowden — as Putin will allow him to stay in Russia through AT LEAST 2020. And as the report noted, Snowden will most likely apply for Russian citizenship in 2018.

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