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On January 20th, tomorrow, the Inauguration of Trump will take place in Washington D.C.

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It will be a monumental day that will be embedded in history forever. But radical, Soros-funded, progressive, pro-Hillary liberals will be violently disrupting the event — to the best of their ability. The hashtag #DisruptJ20 is the official statement of the movement against the transition of peaceful power.

And now The National Press Photographers Association has issued out an OFFICIAL WARNING to all journalists covering the inauguration .. informing them to remain fully aware and to have an exit plan, just incase the radical protests create a “HOSTILE” situation.


Image result for alarm gifThis is insanity. Pro-Trump people, peacefully gathering to attend the historic Inauguration, are being violently threatened and now will worry about being attacked. And even journalists, covering the event, are going to be on edge due to radical, liberal riots bound to break loose.

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Despite the #DisruptJ20 protesters stating that they will not allow a peaceful transition of power and despite the fact that the #DisruptJ20 protesters have been busted planning chemical weapon assaults .. among other legitimate attacks that classify as terrorism, liberal Twitter has allowed the hashtag #DisruptJ20 so stay up and uncensored. Twitter has censored many pro-Trump/anti-Hillary/conservative hashtags before .. but they won’t censor this sadistic hashtag of #DisruptJ20?

[This illustration below displays the entire scenario that Trump is constantly in when facing liberal Facebook and Twitter, along with facing the liberal media.]

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Bikers For Trump have made their way to D.C. to try and assist the law enforcement officials, to the best of their ability.


The Bikers For Trump will try and stop radical liberals from getting violent — if need be.

They even said they will form a “WALL OF MEAT” if necessary.

The Bikers For Trump are going to make sure no progressive, liberal bullies mess with any peaceful, innocent, defenseless Trump supporters. With the Bikers For Trump lurking around, it’s highly doubtful that many liberals will resort to violence like they plan. Many people have misinterpreted the Bikers For Trump’s purpose for going to the historic Inauguration of Donald Trump .. some buffoons think the bikers are going there to bully liberals .. but in reality, that isn’t the case.

The Bikers For Trump will gladly stand by and allow liberals to protest, and scream, and chant, etc… but the Bikers For Trump will be there, minding their own business, enjoying the day, watching the Inauguration — and maintaining subtle awareness just incase they have to stop a radical, liberal, anti-Trump protester from attacking an innocent bystander. The Bikers For Trump are there, not to stop protests, but to stop radical progressives from violently striking innocent Trump fans.


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We’ve seen how viciously violent triggered, anti-Trump, radical, progressive liberals get when a Trump event is happening. We know what they will attempt to do at the inaugural ceremony. Watch this clip from Hannity, and you will get a glimpse of how insane these anti-Trump liberals are.

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Due to the violent protests / potential riots scheduled by radical, Anti-Trump, liberals [funded by the evil Nazi collaborator/billionaire globalist George Soros], journalists on sight of the Inauguration have been OFFICIALLY WARNED to be alert. Read the report below.


Reporters covering the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington DC on Friday have been warned that they need to prepare for riots and possible physical attacks by anti-Trump protesters.

The National Press Photographers Association has issued guidelines to journalists that virtually mirror those sent out during the Ferguson riots in 2014.

Reporters are advised to “maintain situational awareness” and have “an exit plan in case the situation becomes hostile”.

The group also emphasizes that journalists should “move toward the nearest police officer under the assumption that they could protect you from hostile or violent protesters.”

The tone of the warning clearly indicates that anti-Trump rioters are being treated as a bigger physical threat to journalists than overbearing police officers.

Reporters are also told to “openly display press credentials and dress in a professional manner” in order to avoid attacks by anti-Trump protesters.

The Committee to Protect Journalists also released a safety advisory last week urging reporters to “work in pairs,” “plan out an emergency exit” and “document any aggression toward yourself or colleagues”.

Thousands of far-left demonstrators are expected to descend on DC to protest Trump’s inauguration, with some threatening violent civil unrest.

Agitators are openly calling for “chaos” in a bid to shut down the inauguration and create the impression that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, but opposition groups like Bikers For Trump have vowed to form a “wall of meat” to prevent them from doing so.

Earlier this week, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe exposed how organizers behind the #DisruptJ20 movement were also planning direct attacks on Trump supporters attending inauguration events.

Good luck to all PRO-TRUMP attendees and journalists. Stay safe.