Rebel Media’s Gavin McInnes will be speaking at The DeploraBALL tonight in Washington D.C. Many anti-Trump, Soros-funded, radical, violent, loony, progressive liberals have decided they are going to sadistically attack Trump supporters and prevent The DeploraBALL from happening .. at least the radical, liberal, anti-Trump, pro-Hillary protesters think they’re going to prevent The DeploraBALL from happening.

In the tweet below, Gavin McInnes references the radical, violent protests we saw at UC-Davis — which stopped pro-Trump, gay man Milo Yiannopoulos from hosting his planned event. McInnes states that anti-Trump, radical, liberal protesters are openly plotting to disrupt The DeploraBALL just as sadistically — as well.

Radical liberals have been busted on tape conspiring to commit a sadistic act of terrorism by using chemical weaponry against Trump supporters. We also know that #DisruptJ20 is openly trying to start anarchy by preventing the peaceful transition of Presidential power from occurring.

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[As you see above, the official Twitter handle of #DisruptJ20 has the statement “NO PEACEFUL TRANSITION” in the underlying text on their cover photo.] .. Take another look below!

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Anti-Trump protesters are openly planning to do anything they can do, especially physically, to turn the Trump Inauguration into a CLUSTERF**K. Well Rebel Media’s Gavin McInnes, a Trump supporter, has a clear message to the cowardly, liberal bullies.