Across the country, elementary school students usually are allowed to watch the monumental swearing in of a US President every four years. I personally remember when I was in 4th grade and our teacher turned on the classroom TV .. my class and I sat in our desks and quietly watched as President Obama was swore in to office, back in 2008. But a certain class of young elementary students in Michigan will not be able to witness American history, because their selfish teacher will not allow it.

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This story was broke by conservative radio show host, Steve Gruber. Gruber posted the email on Facebook. The 4th grade teacher sent out an email to parents, which said this:

I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech.

Here’s the full email.


As you read in the Michigan teacher’s email, she stupidly tried to reach out to Trump’s transition team to get a transcript of the speech .. as if that would ever work. The Michigan 4th grade teacher is afraid that Trump will go off script and say a cuss word or something .. which obviously will not happen, as this ceremony is extremely formal and serious.


“I showed the speeches of Presidents Obama and Bush in 2009 and 2005, respectively, but am anxious about showing Mr. Trump’s inaugural address, given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled,” the email continued.

A parent who listens to Gruber’s show forwarded the email to the talk radio host, AOL reported.

“What kind of message does this send to kids? ‘This president is a bad guy and kids should not watch him?’ This is a piece of history and the kids should be allowed to watch,” Gruber told

As you see in the teacher’s email and in the report above, the teacher said she is concerned about what Trump will say during the inaugural ceremony. She cited his “degrading comments about minorities”   that the liberal media says he made, but he never made.

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This teacher practically said that Trump has a disdain for minorities — despite the fact Trump has hired countless minorities to work for him through the years and Trump also got recognized for empowering African-Americans. If the teacher is talking about the time when Trump said some illegal aliens are criminals, then that’s still invalid of her to say that Trump made disparaging comments about minorities. Trump did not say some Mexicans or some Hispanics or all Hispanics are criminals .. he said some illegal aliens are bad people.


The liberal media mixes IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL ALIENS together. When the media says Trump made a mean comment about immigrants, they really mean that Trump made a harsh comment about preventing illegal immigration [aka stopping illegal aliens from trespassing into the US]. The media cannot figure out the difference between IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGALS. So here’s a simple pic to help them out.

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So Trump said that some illegal aliens are good people but sadly some are really horrible people. Which is true. It has nothing to do with race, whatsoever. Mexico and other Hispanic nations below the border don’t take America’s criminals — so why should we take theirs? Build The Wall, please! Mexico and other Hispanic nations south of the border don’t reward US citizens with citizenship, a home, healthcare, food stamps, education, etc — just because one of a US citizen walks across their border illegally.


Instead Mexico, and every other country in the world, punishes the trespasser. Look what happened when a US Marine accidentally went into Mexico, he was thrown in jail for months. He finally got out, no thanks to Obama — but Donald Trump gave him some cash to get back on his feet!

Okay, back to the Michigan teacher’s stupid email. The teacher also says Trump has made “inflammatory and degrading comments” about women. The teacher must mean the statements he made about his nemesis Rosie O’Donnell. Well Rosie brutally attacked Trump first on The View, so Trump let the big, fat bully Rosie know that he was not going to take her bullsh*t. And yes, Trump did say that when him and a woman are aroused he grabs them “by the p***y” .. but that was in a private conversation over a decade ago. Trump has a long history of empowering women, especially in the workplace. Trump has more women in high-ranking positions than he does men. And that’s not because Trump promotes women just because their women — but that’s because he is ‘gender-neutral’ and doesn’t care what gender you are .. if you are the best for the job, he’s going to place you in that position. PERIOD.

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If you want more proof that Trump greatly empowers women [that are hard-working women], then skip to the 1 minute 48 seconds segment of the video and listen to what Trump says.

Trump doesn’t drink any alcohol and he does not do any drugs. Trump is a total hardliner and as straight edge as it gets. But Trump is also a tremendously hard-worker .. so what’s the big deal if he let off steam by talking about beautiful women with a friend in a private conversation over a decade ago? If that’s the biggest ‘dirt’ you have on Trump, then it is obvious Trump is a pretty straight-laced man.

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[Also, check out this amazing video of Trump and an old friend of his…]

Okay, so the 4th grade teacher also FALSELY STATED that Trump has made fun of disabled people. Not true! The liberal media concocted a narrative, which accused Trump of mocking a disabled reporter. Well that’s been debunked, BIG LEAGUE!

So this Michigan teacher is a total dunce — and if I were a parent, I would keep my son [or daughter] home from school that day so he [or she] could witness history as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, is sworn into the Oval Office.

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This is not the first time we’ve seen an elementary school teacher block conservative viewpoints from young children. One of Rush Limbaugh’s child-friendly books was taken to school by a young elementary student .. instead of being able to read it, his teacher banned the book from the classroom. Absolutely absurd! Also, at some other schools in the US — students actually have to have parental permission to watch the monumental Presidential Inauguration in class. Is that not ridiculous?

Almost as ridiculous as elementary students being able to opt out of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

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I get no one is forced to pledge allegiance to the American flag, but why would an elementary school even send home a sign-slip over something so trivial? Just let the students to the damn pledge and if a parent doesn’t want their kid to do the pledge [very unlikely that would ever happen] then allow the student to stay in his chair during the pledge. Just what is the point of pushing the issue that a parent’s child can opt out of reciting the pledge? Stupidity.


At the 8:55 mark of the video above, Pastor Mark Burns talks about the elementary school that sent home a sign-slip that granted kids the option to not declare the Pledge of Allegiance.