Bernie Sanders is a mentally-ill pervert. He’s a socialist/communist and a total Marxist. He’s repeatedly told lies about President-elect Trump. Bernie Sanders also voted against Trump’s selection for Defense Secretary, General Mattis. Well now Bernie Sanders is showing his inner-hatred for our military members once again .. by lecturing a Navy SEAL on the VA. Bernie tries to defend the scandal-filled VA. Take a look.


President-elect Donald Trump’s interior secretary nominee Ryan Zinke was lectured by Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday over the quality of healthcare provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

During Zinke’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Sanders questioned the former Navy SEAL team 6 member on the state of healthcare in the Native American community.

“As bad as the VA is…” Zinke began.

As Zinke attempted to finish his point, Sanders, who has never served in the armed forces, interrupted to defend the government-run healthcare system.

“Some of us don’t accept that,” Sanders said.

The VA has been plagued by scandal in recent years concerning the coverup of massive waiting lists, which led to the death of numerous veterans, and an incident in which hundreds were infected or exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

As noted by the Washington Free Beacon, Sanders has repeatedly lashed out against any criticism of the VA.

“As the chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, the socialist senator attempted to explain away the deaths of patients as a Koch brothers conspiracy in May 2014,” the Beacon writes.

“There is, right now, as we speak, a concerted effort to undermine the VA,” Sanders said at the time.

So apparently when a veteran is found dead with maggots inside of him, at a VA center — that’s just okay with Bernie. The scandals are countless with the VA. And the arrogance of Bernie Sanders is absolutely appalling. Who is he to think he can lecture a former Seal Team 6 Navy SEAL on the VA’s problems? Bernie is an idiot!

Image result for bernie sanders idiotBernie is a loon!

As we all know, veterans love Trump and Trump loves our veterans. While Bernie thinks it’s cool to disrespect a brave, patriotic Navy SEAL .. this Navy SEAL supports President-elect Trump!