The 41st US President [1989-1993] George H.W. Bush and his wife have just been hospitalized. George H.W. Bush is reportedly in intensive care. Due to this, he has sent a letter to President-elect Trump, letting him know that he can’t attend the inauguration.

As you see, George H.W. Bush let President-elect Trump that if he were to leave the hospital to attend the inauguration, it would “likely” put him “six feet under.” This is obviously a gloomy letter and it’s definitely understandable that George H.W. Bush and his wife won’t be able to attend. They are in very bad condition and could pass away, any moment now [in my opinion].

[Here’s a pic of Trump and H.W. back several, several, several years ago]

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As we know, George H.W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton. That angered many people but it was not a surprise as the Bush’s and Clintons are very close. Despite the fact that George H.W. refused to vote for the then Republican Nominee, he did extend his congratulations to Trump for being elected.

The Political Insider reported:

This is classy! Former First Lady Barbara Bush suggested during the Republican Primary that she opposed Trump, and there were rumors that former President H.W. Bush planned to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But their respect for the office and Trump’s historic victory is why they both planned on attending before their health prevented them from doing so. President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush are still scheduled to attend.

Let us pray for #41 and Barbara Bush during this difficult time.

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President-elect Trump issued out this tweet, wishing George H.W. Bush and his wife well.