Radical liberals continue to protest [and violently riot] against President-elect Trump. A lot of the protests [if not all] are being funded by the evil globalist George Soros. Just recently we saw a radical liberal light himself on fire outside of Trump’s D.C. hotel. Well now anti-Trump liberals have stormed the Trump International Hotel & Tower restaurant. They did this on Sunday.

The radical liberals did the “cough-in” to protest Trump’s stance against Obamacare.

Despite the fact that Obamacare has caused many people to lose their healthcare due to the high prices, and despite the fact that Obamacare has made hard-working taxpayers pay for lazy welfare leeches’ medical insurance — the Democrats and all of their brainwashed followers want to save the disastrous program [Obamacare].

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Here’s the full report on the “cough-in” protest at one of Trump’s restaurant:

Liberals Continue To Act Like Children

The liberal meltdown is not letting up one bit. A video has emerged of anti-Trump protesters holding a ‘cough-in’ at one of his restaurants.

Protesters staged a ‘cough-in’ at the Trump International Hotel and Tower restaurant on Sunday to show just how upset they are against the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The group of protesters was made up of roughly 15 childish adults who loudly cleared their throats and coughed, their disturbance and childish antics didn’t last long as they were booted by cops, according to the New York Daily News.

Liberals and Democrats are demonstrating only one thing by acting this way, they clearly can’t win in the war-of-ideas so they will throw temper tantrums like children hoping that will get them what they want.

It’s very sad to see how Hillary supporters, Bernie supporters, and all of the radical liberals have reacted to Trump’s victory. They claimed Trump would not peacefully accept the outcome of the election back before Nov. 8th, and now the liberals are doing exactly what they said Trump would do [even though Trump and his supporters were never going to protest or riot against the outcome of the election, whether they won or not].