Despite the fact that Trump has been honored for helping African-Americans and has hired many people of different ethnicities throughout his whole career, many liberal Democrats want to play the ‘race card’ .. Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) spoke at a DNC meeting on Friday and said that President-elect Trump has brought “white supremacy” back to the White House.

He also called Trump a “misogynist”

Here’s the report:

Democrats are gathering this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona for a regional forum before the party elects a new chairperson in February.

During his speech on Friday night Ellison said Trump brought “white supremacy back to the White House.”
And this far left anti-Israel politician is the leading candidate to replace scandal-plagued Donna Brazile as party chair in February.

It’s obvious the Democrat Party’s plan to gain voters at this stage is to call all of their opponents racists and white supremacists.
That ought to work wonders for recruitment.

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