This is a TOTAL, OVER-THE-TOP, BIG-TIME BOMBSHELL. WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange has just agreed to be extradited to the US and face charges for his leaks, if President Obama grants clemency to Chelsea Manning.

As we know, Julian Assange is on house arrest, trapped in the embassy. Due to the WikiLeaks offer, many Assange supporters responded with their concerns!

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning leaked 700,000 secret government documents which landed her a whopping 35-year prison sentence. It’s highly unlikely that President Obama would let her out. Still, this is an insane offer that Assange is putting on the table. Assange is wanted for his assistance in the leaking of the 700,000 documents. He assisted Private First Class Chelsea Manning in publicizing the leaked documents. I’m sure the US also wants Assange due to the bombshells he’s been dropping ever since WikiLeaks originated.


The extradition announcement was accompanied with a letter addressed to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch from WikiLeaks lawyer Barry Pollack that argued there is no legitimate basis for continuing the investigation into the WikiLeaks founder.

[read the letter here]

I highly suggest you read more here about this unbelievable announcement by WikiLeaks’ own Julian Assange.