With roughly 10 days until President-elect Donald Trump is officially inaugurated, he held a press conference and totally owned the lying liberal media! But before he came out, VP-elect Pence totally owned the liberal media’s deceitful tall-tales.

CAN’T DISPENSE THE PENCE! Pence called out BuzzFeed and CNN for reporting ‘fake news’ about Trump. Their recent report was about the disgusting ‘golden showers’ tall-tale. The report featured many unproven ‘ties to Russia’ that ‘Trump has’ according to BuzzFeed and CNN .. VP-elect Pence said that Prez-elect Trump is bringing together a tremendous cabinet filled with “men and women of extraordinary capability.” VP-elect Pence also said that Americans are “sick and tired” of the liberal media’s fake reports. He said that CNN and BuzzFeed’s fake reports proves media bias.

VP-elect Pence totally scorched the media and their liberal bias.

Watch the full press conference below.