Due to the severe threat in which RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM poses, former ExxonMobil CEO/Trump’s selection for Sec. of State Rex Tillerson did not rule out the possibility of a Muslim registry. We all know that radical Muslims are targeting ‘infidels’ with disgustingly violent attacks all across the globe, so it is truly smart to register Muslims in a governmental system.

We know that President-elect Trump has mentioned the potential of a Muslim registry, which (in my opinion) is much needed. Muslims are a severe threat to the world. When Trump’s Sec. of State pick, Rex Tillerson, was asked about the Muslim registry — he said this:

“I would need to have a lot more information around how such an approach would even be constructed .. “

Awesome! I fully support registering Muslims. Actually, I support BANNING Muslims! Check out Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing, here.